What is a Rocket Docket?

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A rocket docket is a court known for speedy court hearings or trials. It is usually one that strictly adheres to legal procedures and requires attorneys to rigidly meet filing deadlines. Judges who preside over these courts are typically known to make quick decisions, often ruling on motions without deliberating. Several jurisdictions in the United States have earned this nickname, but they also exist in other countries worldwide.

In many locations, it may take a criminal case several months before it is brought to trial. Court systems known to be a rocket docket often bring matters to trial a matter of days or weeks after an arrest is made. This ensures the right to a speedy trial, which is promised by many governments. Even so, critics of this process claim that rushing a case to court too soon could impair the abilities of attorneys to adequately prepare their defense.

Other times, rocket docket courts may allow less time than others may for trials to take place. Hearings that may ordinarily take several days may be allotted only a few hours. Other court systems may try to hear hundreds of cases each day in order to reduce a backlog in the system. These speedy tribunals can be conducted in such a short period of time that all witnesses may not be given time to testify. Even so, they sometimes prevent hearings from being excessively drawn out.


When motions are filed in court, a judge often considers all the evidence presented as well as legal precedent before making a decision. This often means that a verdict is not rendered immediately in many cases. Rocket docket judges are often known to make decisions on the spot based upon the evidence and case law given to them during the hearing.

The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia was the first to earn the nickname rocket docket. Since then, federal courts in Georgia, Texas, California, and Wisconsin have been dubbed such. Jefferson County, Kentucky, is known for bringing criminal matters to court in a speedy manner, and Lee County, Florida, is renowned for hearing a large number of foreclosure cases each day.

Court systems around the world also have rocket dockets. These may be in areas where testimony and evidence in heard by a judge who then renders a verdict, rather than allowing a jury to deliberate. Many administrative agencies in various countries are also renowned for hearing matters quickly and making prompt resolutions. Doing so often saves valuable time and money for the taxpayers of that jurisdiction.


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