What Is a Ribbon Curler?

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Receiving a package with curled ribbon can make people feel special, no matter what the occasion. A ribbon curler is a device designed to help people curl ribbon to place on gifts, floral arrangements, or balloon bouquets. The object looks something like a hair curling iron except that it is much smaller. It is designed to be used with satin ribbon, which can be purchased at a craft or party store.

A ribbon curler is typically made of plastic. It somewhat resembles a hair curler, and has both an upper and lower section. These two sections are connected by a small hinge near the back of the device. This hinge opens so that the ribbon can be placed inside it when it is being curled.

Most models are very small, and they can easily be packed in a tote bag. A typical ribbon curler is between six and eight inches (15.24 to 20.32 cm) long and two or three inches (5.08 to 7.62 cm) wide. Most varieties are extremely lightweight.

Some models can be used to both curl and shred ribbon. Shredding is normally done to give flower arrangements and balloon bouquets a touch of flair. These curlers normally have teeth, which are widely spaced apart, on one side of the device. That way, ribbon can be placed on one side of the unit when curling ribbon or along the opposite end when shredding it.


In order to use a ribbon curler, a crafter must first place a piece of ribbon inside the device, leaving a small piece dangling from the end of the curler. After this, the ribbon can be pulled through the curler until it is completely removed. The result is a piece of ribbon that has a spiral twist to it.

When wrapping a present, it can be a good idea to attach the ribbon to the package before curling it. Long strands should be left dangling from the object in order to provide enough excess ribbon to place in the curler. When curling ribbon for other purposes, such as balloon bouquets, it is best to tie the ribbon onto a weight before curling it.

Most types of ribbon curlers are designed to be used with satin ribbon. Thin strands of ribbon are normally easier to curl than wider pieces are. These devices are not recommended for cloth, so people who would like to curl fabric ribbons should use another method of doing so.


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Post 4

I think wrapping a present is just as much fun as giving it to someone. I have a gift closet where I keep gifts on hand. This closet also has my wrapping paper, scissors and all my rolls of gift ribbon.

I picked up a ribbon curler at a dollar store and have really loved the way it works. It is so easy to curl different colors of ribbon to tape on top of the package.

It is small and doesn't take up much space in my container where I keep my flat packages of wrapping paper.

I have also used my paper shredder to shred different colors of tissue paper to add to gift bags. I love giving and receiving packages that are wrapped with care.

Post 3

I think adding ribbons and bows to packages really makes the gift special. It shows that you put some extra effort in to making the package look as special as possible.

Some people don't think this is too important as it will all be thrown away anyway, but I always think package presentation is very important.

I have always liked to curl my ribbon, but have never owed a ribbon curler. All I do is take a piece of ribbon and use the edge of my scissors to curl the ribbon.

This works really slick and you can make the ribbon curl as tight or as lose as you want it to be. You can even do more than one strand at a time.

It only takes a few extra seconds to add that special touch to any package.

Post 2

@JessicaLynn - I wouldn't be so quick to discount the ribbon curler if I were you. Sure, you could use a pair of scissors to do it, but it just doesn't look the same. Ribbon looks much more precise if you use the ribbon curler. And it's much faster.

I guess if you don't wrap gifts often, you probably wouldn't need one. But anyone who wraps gifts or decorates a lot should probably just bite the bullet and buy one of these things already.

Post 1

A ribbon curler is definitely not a necessary purchase. You can accomplish the same thing by running the ribbon over a closed pair of scissors. You just hold the ribbon taught and pull it over the scissors or another hard surface. Then it curls up!

There is absolutely no reason to spend money on a gadget to do this for you. I swear, sometimes I think people in this society are gullible enough to buy anything!

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