What is a Retail Coordinator?

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Retail coordinators are professionals who aid in the development of corporate policies that govern each individual retail location associated with the company. To this end, the coordinator often has a great deal of influence when it comes to the establishment of a new location, the hiring and training of personnel to manage and work in that location, and even the stock that is initially carried at the new outlet. The exact scope of responsibility assigned to a retail coordinator will vary, depending on the structure of the retail company, but will usually include a few basic duties in any situation.

In many retail organizations, the retail coordinator is responsible for the hiring, training, and ongoing development of sellers and sales associates. The coordinator normally works closely with managers to identify candidates for employment that meet the basic qualifications, and also possess skills and traits that can be developed for the benefit of the company. Once the hiring process is complete, the coordinator oversees the training of the new hires, as well as the process of evaluating performance over the first ninety days of the new hire’s employment.


A retail coordinator usually works with sellers and associates to identify, establish, and pursue specific goals related to the profitability of the individual store. This can include personal goals for sales figures, goals for the store in general, or even goals related to the creation and execution of a sales campaign for an upcoming season or holiday. As part of this process, the coordinator works with the team to encourage them to succeed, as well as offering guidance that helps to keep the store within the guidelines established by the corporate retailer.

It is not unusual for the retail coordinator to participate in annual and semi-annual reviews of store performance, manager efficiency, and other aspects related to the success of the operation. This usually involves establishing and maintaining relationships with staff that are both professional and cordial. Since the ultimate goal of the coordinator is to ensure the operation is successful and also functioning within the guidelines that apply to all stores affiliated with the retailer, these relationships are important to keeping the lines of communication open.

Depending on the structure of the retailer, a retail coordinator will also work closely with managers above the store level. This can include regional and district managers, buyers for the retail chain, department heads at the corporate headquarters, and corporate level public relations and marketing personnel. In smaller retail companies, the retail coordinator is likely to be responsible for a broader scope of duties, while larger companies are likely to have several coordinators who specialize in specifically designated areas. While some retailers prefer to hire coordinators who possess degrees in marketing, sales, or some form of business administration, others prefer to place an emphasis on practical experience, often selecting and training their coordinators from among their existing employee base.


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Post 3

@Subway11- That sounds like a really interesting job. I know that jobs in retail sales can yield a management position within the store. These positions can also lead to retail merchandising jobs with other companies.

My sister worked in the men’s department of department store and was later able to get a retail merchandising job with Levi’s. She traveled to all of the accounts that she was assigned and had to train the sales people regarding the value of Levi jeans and its special selling features.

She also had to make sure that the account was selling according to plan and had to address and deficiencies with the store management in order to correct the trend.


addition, she had to make sure that the jeans were merchandised to Levi’s standards and the displays were visually appealing. The most important aspect of this job is to make sure that you have excellent communications skills because you have to talk to all levels of management along with the store employees.
Post 2

@Bhutan - I had a retail coordinator job too and it was fun. The coordinator salary is really similar to what a department store manager earns.

They usually start at $30,000 a year or more, but for those positions that work with the cosmetic lines the salary is split between the department store and the cosmetic line. Usually the cosmetic buyer for the department store and the Account Executive for the cosmetic line are the ones that hire the Account Coordinator for each cosmetic line.

The Account Coordinator gets an allowance of free cosmetics products just like the counter associates do as well as covered expenses such as mileage, hotel stays, and a per diem allowance.

In order

to get the free cosmetics which is referred to as gratis, the Account Coordinator fills out a form and the product are directly shipped to their home from the cosmetic company.

The cosmetic companies do this so that it will be easier for you to talk about the products and can offer personal testimonials when selling their treatment products which is the most lucrative area for the cosmetic line because it ensures repeat business.

Post 1

I had a friend that had a retail career as an Account Coordinator for a major cosmetic company. She worked with the members of the department store management as well as the representatives from the cosmetic line.

She had to ensure that each of the counters met their established sales goals and offered sales training at the counter to ensure that the beauty consultants knew how to set up appointments for promotional events. She also was involved in creating additional promotional events at the store and had to schedule beauty consultants for training for new product launches.

In addition, she had to make sure that there were no product outages and had to inform the Account Executive of any stock problems. She had to travel a lot and also had to make sure that the counters maintained the cosmetic lines visual standards.

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