What is a Restaurant Voucher?

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A restaurant voucher is a coupon or certificate that grants the holder the right to a specific discount or special offer at a restaurant. Vouchers may be offered as a means of advertising for a restaurant, through discount websites, as gifts, or as prizes. Using restaurant vouchers is a great way to try out new places and dine at great restaurants for significantly less money.

There are many different services that a voucher may guarantee. Some offer a free menu item, free meal, or free meal with the purchase of another meal. Others work as a discounted gift certificate, for instance, a voucher worth $50 US Dollars (USD) at the restaurant might be sold through a discount website for $25 USD. Vouchers may give diners access to a special menu not offered to regular customers, or may give access to a special event at the restaurant.

Finding vouchers is often half the fun of using them. Some are available in local newspapers and magazines; these often offer a discounted meal or a discount on additional meals with purchase. For those who live in areas popular with tourists, check out brochures and tourist pamphlets for deals on local places. Many areas occasionally send out a packet in the mail with information about local participating businesses in an effort to drum up business; these packets are often a great place to find a restaurant voucher.


One of the best modern ways to find a restaurant voucher is by signing up for a discount offer website. These websites are usually free to join, and send out daily emails with a few select deals based on the zip code of the account holder. While a restaurant voucher may not appear every day, they are quite common offerings. Vouchers offered through discount sites are usually not free, and tend to offer a deal or discount on gift certificates or specific services.

Another easy way to find a restaurant voucher is to check the website of the restaurant itself. These web pages often have a section that lists current deals, discounts and offers. Some may feature downloadable vouchers that can be printed and presented at the restaurant.

When using a restaurant voucher, it may be a good idea to inform the wait staff of the voucher before ordering. This can help ensure that the deal is still valid, which can prevent considerable confusion when the check is presented. According to etiquette experts, regardless of the discount or free items, tips should be based on the amount of the entire check before the voucher is applied; otherwise, the wait staff, hosts, and kitchen staff may receive lower tips for the same amount of work and care.


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