What is a Residential Superintendent?

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A residential superintendent is someone who works for a property management company and is the front line staff for a residential building or property. Property management firms typically hire someone who can live on-site and manage daily operations on behalf of the firm. This position typically involves a variety of skills and areas of responsibility. People who want to become a residential superintendent often have prior training or work experience in the skilled trades. Understanding how equipment works, likely areas of failure, and when to call in the professional services firms are all very important in this role.

Residential superintendents can work in large high-rise buildings, townhouse complexes, or properties with multiple low-rise buildings. As part of their compensation package, the superintendent lives in an apartment or unit of the property rent-free. However, he or she is expected to be available to residents outside standard business hours, often on-call overnight.

The primary responsibilities of a residential superintendent are site maintenance, cleaning of common areas, and resolving minor maintenance problems. In addition, superintendents are responsible for all communications between the property management firm and the tenants. This includes notifications for late rental payments, requests for access to the unit for maintenance or inspections, and notices about building maintenance activity.


There is no formal post-secondary education program to become a residential superintendent. Related work experience can include assistant superintendent, commercial cleaning staff, service manager or any other customer representative positions. In this role, the clients are the building tenants.

Customer management skills are very important in this role. The superintendent is responsible for ensuring the smooth, seamless operation of the building. Working closely with the building property manager the superintendent is expected to report any issues immediately and to follow up and ensure that items are addressed. A building with an skilled superintendent is clean, well maintained, and operates efficiently. Tenant issues are resolved promptly, and there are few complaints to the property management firm.

Most people who work as a residential superintendent enjoy working outside, and in a variety of areas. He or she is typically mechanically inclined and is able to quickly look at a problem and evaluate its level of severity and determine the appropriate course of action. Working well with a wide range of people and personalities is also very important in this role. A well-maintained building is a pleasure for everyone and decreases both vandalism and crime.


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