What is a Remote Surveillance System?

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Today there are many types of security devices that can be used for securing a home or business. A remote surveillance system is a computer-operated video surveillance system that allows consumers to monitor a domicile remotely. Typically a user will monitor a building through a real-time streaming video on an Internet web site.

Web cameras have become extremely affordable over the last few years. These cameras are an important accessory for the remote surveillance system. Cameras come in multiple shapes and sizes, which make them easier to hide in remote areas. These cameras provide the real-time feed of video information throughout the building.

Many private investigators and law enforcement agencies use a remote surveillance system to track and monitor criminal activities. These individuals can monitor video screens remotely from their cars or laptop computers. These screens are typically connected to wireless cameras that have been carefully placed in inconspicuous locations.

Most automobile gas stations are monitored with a remote surveillance systems 24 hours a day. These systems are configured to record digital video of the complete facility throughout the day. This real-time video feed provides a watchful eye on all activity within the service center. Many thieves have been caught using this form of surveillance.


A baby cam is another remote surveillance system that has become popular in recent years. It allows the parents of a child a secret monitoring tool. This provides additional security for the parents because they can watch the children throughout the day, without the daycare provider knowing they are on camera. Some child daycare facilities offer a remote surveillance system to the parents as an added security service. This service allows parents to watch their children from an Internet web page throughout the day.

Las Vegas casinos typically have an advanced version of remote surveillance. These systems consist of state-of-the-art cameras that are integrated into advanced face-recognition software. As individuals walk throughout the casino, they are constantly monitored by this remote surveillance system. Illegal activity can be tracked and investigated by security personnel.

With the increased threat of terrorist activities throughout the world many government agencies have added remote surveillance on the streets of metropolitan areas. In many cities, cameras are now placed on street corners that can monitor the activity of a city. The cameras are tied into video feeds that can be accessed from the Internet.


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