What is a Regional Business Development Manager?

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A regional business development manager is an integral part of the business development team. She leads the team in analyzing business development options in prescribed regions and provides direction to her staff in pursuing viable growth options. These considerations include analyzing past, present, and future performance and how that performance can benefit or adversely affect possible growth.

New client or business acquisition is one of the main goals of a regional business development manager. Leads are often provided by in-house staff as well as external sources, and the person in this management position is required to sift through the possibilities and choose the most viable options for successful business growth. These options are often broken down by projected long- and short-term returns on investments.

This position involves a generous amount of accounting, bookkeeping, and numerical analysis. This manager must be adept at number crunching to be able to accurately report to upper management, investors, and principals on profits, losses, and projections. It is often necessary for a regional business development manager to be able to compare and contrast numbers with other managers to confirm concurrence prior to moving forward on a project.

Identifying and developing new markets and analyzing projects in progress are also responsibilities of a manager serving in this capacity. On an on-going basis, she is required to initiate, research, and submit proposals; effectively negotiate new and existing contracts; and finalize deals. Exemplary communications with customers is essential to her success.


In a more practical capacity, the manager of regional business development must plan, direct, and implement business initiatives, procedures, guidelines, and policies. These may require regular review and revision dictated by shifting company goals, fluctuating economic conditions, and the performance of existing accounts or affiliates. Other department managers may be called upon for relevant input on specific revisions.

Certain personality characteristics and business skills make this position more suitable for some than others. The proven ability to simultaneously perform different tasks without compromising quality or time constraints is highly desirable. Excellence in written and oral communications across many levels of management and personnel is important, as are well-developed skills in problem analysis and resolution. Being comfortable as a leader in presentation or seminar environments is desirable.

A bachelor's degree is sometimes a requirement for this position. Relevant and successful experience in management, communications,or business development, however, is seriously considered in the evaluation of a candidate. Impressive achievements in any or all of these areas may preclude the need for a college diploma.


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Regional business development manager is one of those overly long and overly vague job titles that really refer to lots and lots of different tasks and roles. The nature of the job will depend a lot on the industry that is being developed.

The company structure will also matter. If you are the sole manager you will likely have more responsibilities than at a large corporation that has an army of middle managers working very discreet jobs.

But don't let the vague title fool you. This kind of work is not boring or easy or pointless. Middle managers like this are crucial for any organization to grow and operate efficiently. They are a crucial part of the chain of command

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