What Is a Red-Rumped Parakeet?

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Also known as a grass parrot, red-backed parrot, or Psephotus haematonotus, the red-rumped parakeet is native to southern Australia. This parrot, like all parakeets, is primarily green, but has dark red feathers on its wings and back; hence its name. It is considered a medium-sized parrot and is generally inexpensive when found in pet stores compared to other kinds of parrots. Red-rumped parakeets can live for two decades if properly cared for by being fed a varied diet and allowed to exercise. In the wild, they nest during the spring in tree hollows, fence posts, and other small, seemingly safe places.

When found in the wild, this parrot is usually in southern Australia — more specifically, southwestern Australia. These birds travel in flocks and have been exported to other countries. The exportation of red-rumped parakeets is often illegal in modern times,because they are considered an exotic animal.

The term "parakeet" is used for parrots that are primarily green, which is fitting for the normal variation of red-rumped parakeets. Red-rumped parakeets are mostly green, but have dark red and blue feathers on their wings and back. Yellow is also a common color on these birds, though this color is usually limited to a very small portion of the bird. As red-rumped parakeets became popular as household pets, some breeders have bred the birds specifically for color mutations. These mutations in color include bright blue, white, and yellow red-rumped parakeets, with little to no green remaining.


Compared to large parrots and parrots around their own size, red-rumped parakeets are often quite cheap in pet stores. This may be because the bird rarely learns to speak, unlike many other kinds of parrot. Mutations, on the other hand, can be twice or three times the amount of the price of a normal red-rumped parakeet, depending on the rarity of the color.

An owner of a red-rumped parakeet should expect the bird to live for at least 10 years. With good care, the bird might reach 15 to 20 years old. There are some reports of the birds living even longer. A varied diet of fruit, vegetables, and bird seed is required to keep the bird happy and healthy.

Red-rumped parakeets are generally very friendly with their young. The mother often refuses to leave the nest and relies on the father to feed her. Red-rumped parakeet eggs hatch about one month after being lain. The bird can be aggressive to both human and other birds while the babies are in their eggs.


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