What Is a Recreation Room?

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The recreation room is the section of the house set aside for casual entertainment. It is typically referred to as a rec room, game room, or family room. Apartment complexes and other communities may sometimes provide a room or recreation center as an incentive for residents. The room is often a prominent part of senior centers and retirement homes. Organizations and clubs sometimes have gathering places that could be referred to as recreation centers.

In a residential home, the rec room is sometimes set apart from the main living space in an area such as a basement, converted garage, or room addition. Children's play areas may be organized in the rec room. Toys, games, and entertainment centers can be found in the average recreation room. Larger versions may include pool tables, ping pong tables, workout equipment, and other kinds of entertainment, sports, or fitness equipment. Family entertainment centers are popular choices for rec room activities.

Senior centers and retirement homes need a place for social activities, and the recreation room is often provided for this purpose. Televisions, pianos, reading material, and other forms of entertainment are available for senior citizens to enjoy. Scheduled activities, like bingo games and card games, are offered in these social meeting rooms. Entertainers such as singers and piano players may perform charitable events in such rec centers.


Apartment buildings and condominiums sometimes offer recreation centers as an incentive to residents. Weight and exercise rooms give occupants a place to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Recreation rooms complete with bar and food facilities allow people to gather for social events. These party rooms generally need to be scheduled, providing an opportunity for all residents to enjoy the facilities.

Some housing developments offer separate recreation buildings for property owners. The recreation room may be situated by a swimming pool in more expensive developments. Pool tables and card tables may be supplied by the development maintenance team for casual gathering of residents and guests. Residents can schedule parties and special events for friends and family. The recreation center can be considered the heart of these housing complexes.

The room offers a place for social events and relaxation. Gatherings and activities relieve the daily pressures of work and career. Children can play and have fun without disturbing adult activities in the main living area of the home. Recreation rooms are one place people go to enjoy life.


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