What Is a Rechargeable Stun Gun?

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A rechargeable stun gun is a personal defense weapon that incorporates sound, visual factors and electric shock as a deterrent to unwanted action. Using rechargeable batteries or a battery pack, the rechargeable stun gun is commonly plugged into a receptacle outlet when not in use in order to maintain a full charge. The rechargeable stun gun is not legal in many areas, and in the locations that do allow the device, most rules that pertain to handguns also apply to the stun gun.

Often producing more than 1 million volts of electricity, the rechargeable stun gun typically uses approximately 3 milliamps to stop a threat or an attacker. A benefit in using a rechargeable stun gun includes the ability to always have a charged and ready-to-operate defense mechanism. Another reason can be found in money savings from using a rechargeable stun gun as compared to using a disposable, battery-equipped device. Unlike many larger units, the rechargeable-type gun is often smaller in size when compared to other models. This can make the use of a rechargeable version a good choice when walking, jogging or working around the yard.


Many times, a stun gun need not be actually used to be considered an aid against an attacker. Once pulled and displayed to the would-be attacker, the threat of a stun gun is often a useful deterrent in and of itself. If more force is required, simply showing the assailant the electrical charge jump from contact to contact by activating the trigger is usually enough to make an assailant run for cover. As a last resort, a quick jolt with the stun gun is commonly all that is required to demobilize an attacker and allow the user to flee the area and find safety. When returning home, the user can connect the gun to a charging dock or cord and revitalize the weapon for the next outing.

Some manufacturers recommend precise periods of contact between the rechargeable stun gun and the offender in order to achieve a desirable effect. A half-second contact with an offender is claimed to make the assailant let loose of a victim. One- to two-second contact with the attacker and the stun gun can result in muscle spasms and an unclear mind. Any period of contact with a rechargeable stun gun and an attacker can result in a loss of balance, confusion and even loss of consciousness.


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