What is a Rechargeable Power Pack?

Mary McMahon

A rechargeable power pack is an electronics accessory which is designed to provide a power boost to components like mp3 players, laptops, and so forth. When portable devices are plugged into the power pack, they draw on the pack for power, rather than depleting their own energy reserves, and their running life is prolonged. For people who travel frequently or are often far from a power source, a rechargeable power pack can be a very useful thing to have.

A rechargeable power pack can be used to provide a power boost to MP3 players.
A rechargeable power pack can be used to provide a power boost to MP3 players.

Power packs are meant to be portable, so that they do not add significantly to the load of items being carried. They are also small, and highly compact. Some are designed to work with specific electronics, as in the instance of a power pack which connects with the base of a camera to add more power, while others can work with generic devices, like a power pack with USB ports.

Some manufacturers make rechargeable power packs for their devices as accessories which can be purchased by consumers. The advantage of such power packs is that they are customized for specific devices, delivering the right amount of power and often being associated with warranty coverage. Third party suppliers also make rechargeable power packs which can be used with a variety of devices.

Electronics stores are often a good source for such items, and they can also be purchased through Internet retailers and stores which stock supplies which are designed to enhance mobility, like camping stores. When buying a rechargeable power pack, it is a good idea to look at the recommended energy ratings for the device which the pack will be used with, to confirm that the pack does not produce too much power. It is also possible to buy converters for use with portable power packs and erratic electricity supplies to protect devices from power surges.

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When the rechargeable power pack runs down, it can be recharged by being plugged into a source of power such as a wall or car outlet. In some instances, a rechargeable power pack is designed to recharge very quickly, so that little time is lost in the charging process, while others are meant to charge overnight. Most have indicator lights which light up to show the amount of charge which has been completed, and some plug into charging bases which keep statistics about usage and power management, which can be useful for people who like to keep track of these things.

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My husband has a rechargeable battery pack for his cordless drill. I had never seen a power pack before, and I thought it was neat that he could remove part of the drill and attach it to something that would give it new life.

He leaves them plugged into the pack until the red light turns green. This means that they are fully charged and ready for use.

He works construction jobs on the side now and then, so he goes awhile without using his drill. He always plugs them into the battery pack before taking them to a job, because they have most likely lost a lot of power between uses.


When I go camping, I take along a rechargeable power pack for my electric razor. Those showers in the park have cold water, and I don’t want to stay in there any longer than I have to, so I don’t use a disposable razor that would require shaving gel and water.

My power pack holds a charge for quite awhile. This could be because my razor doesn’t take a whole lot of power to operate. I’m a pretty quick shaver, so I don’t use up a lot of juice each time.

Since I camp in the summertime, it’s nice to be able to recharge the razor and wear swimsuits and shorts without hairy legs. I use it every other day to reserve power, and I only grow a tiny amount of stubble.


I take a lot of pictures while on vacation, so I always carry a rechargeable power pack along for my camera. I can’t even imagine not being able to capture special moments. You never know when one will pop up, so it’s best to stay prepared.

If my power pack needs charging, all I have to do is plug it in an outlet at the condo. I try to get my family to do something uninteresting during this time so that I don’t miss any photo opportunities.

I know that I annoy them sometimes with my incessant need for photo snapping, but one day, they will be glad that I captured these memories for them to cherish. Without my power pack, I could not provide them with this invaluable service.


My friend and her husband drove nine hours to come visit with me for a few days. She has an online job, so computer access is critical for her. She brought her rechargeable power pack with her so that she could work while he drove.

When she plugged into it, she found that the power was low. This was okay, because it came with a car charger. She simply charged the power pack for a short while, and then she plugged her laptop into it.

She didn’t lose much work time at all. They decided to stop somewhere and eat while her laptop charged. This way, she didn’t have to take an extra break later on when she could have been working.


I have a great rechargeable power pack that comes with a car plug, and I use it as an emergency power pack when the electricity goes out. Our town is pretty bad for rolling blackouts during the summer and it is nice to still be able to use all of our entertainment gadgets while were sitting around in the candlelight.

My kids would probably freak out if they got disconnected from their portable game systems for too long, so having an emergency power pack is pretty handy. Of course, we also have it for real emergencies, but luckily we've never had to deal with that.


If you travel a lot a rechargeable power pack is an absolute must. I got sick of having my laptop and MP3 player die on me in the middle of long flights, or when I was not able to get access to a free outlet.

The rechargeable power packs come in different sizes, so you can get one to suit your needs. The one I have is good for a few extra hours of play on my laptop, and can sustain my MP3 player for even longer. If you are unsure about how to connect your MP3 player, you should look into a portable power pack that has a USB port.

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