What is a Rechargeable Lawn Mower?

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A rechargeable lawn mower is an electrically-powered lawn mower that runs on of battery power. This type of lawn mower may have a considerably more limited rage than a gas-powered lawn mower, but can allow mobility and portability that a corded electric lawn mower lacks. Rechargeable lawn mowers may be purchased in a great variety of sizes and powers, and many larger varieties may closely resemble their gas counterparts in outward appearance. Some companies even manufacture robotic rechargeable lawn mowers. Rechargeable lawn mowers may be found in 24-volt and 36-volt varieties, which are comparable in voltage to batteries used in many rechargeable power tools.

Electric lawn mowers may be preferred over gas-powered mowers by those who see them as a more environmentally friendly choice. The lack of localized air pollution from electric lawn mowers may be attractive to those who dislike the smells normally associated with gas-powered engines. In addition, electric-powered lawn mowers are much quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, and commonly reported as only producing a low "humming" sound. The fact that an electric lawn mower requires only the push of a button or flip of a switch, rather than the much more intensive pulling of a cord, may make them better suited to anyone who would struggle with starting a gas-powered motor.


Corded electric lawn mowers are restricted in range by both the length of their cords and the need for an electrical outlet. The advantage of a rechargeable lawn mower is that it can be used in any area it can be transported to. Rechargeable lawn mowers may be expected to cut 0.5 acre (approximately 2,000 square meters) per charge for 36-volt varieties and 0.25 to 0.33 acre (approximately 1,000-1,400 square meters) per charge for 24-volt varieties. Lower outside temperature, wet or heavy grass, and even the length of the grass can all greatly reduce the range of a rechargeable lawn mower, however. The batteries of rechargeable lawn mowers may actually make some rechargeable lawn mowers heavier than gas-powered versions, and so they may bee more difficult to maneuver on hills.

Charging times may vary for a rechargeable lawn mower, but common averages are eight to 16 hours, with some brands attaining an 85% charge in only 8 hours, but requiring 16 hours to reach 100%. Rechargeable lawn mowers may be best-suited to smaller suburban or urban lawns due to their range and charging times. "Robotic" varieties in the higher price ranges claim almost double the cutting range of other, 36-volt, human-propelled machines, but also may require longer charging times. The self-propelled lawn mowers are guided by signals from buried markers and vary in both range and capabilities at climbing gradients. Most have several safety and anti-theft features but require some level of supervision to attain safest possible operation.


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