What is a RDMS?

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Report distribution management system (RDMS) is a type of software program or set of scripts that commonly work with a database for generating reports. These programs are used throughout the world in various capacities. Banking, telecommunications, finance, insurance, and manufacturing companies all use them in a wide variety of ways, including pulling together their entire systems management in order to integrate all of the company's branches.

Most RDMS programs have many advanced features, including those used to bill materials and to integrate customer relationship management. This feature can provide a great deal of information about a customer, such as history, payments, complaints, current orders, and account contacts. The point of report management is to create better customer service and more profitable sales.

These programs also usually integrate with bookkeeping software in order to make working with clients easier. A good RDMS program assists with inventory, sales orders, purchasing, shipping workstation integration, and e-commerce. Most programs are also designed for multi-companies and multi-users.

RDMS programs appeal to companies because they provide for a flexible business practice and easy policy integration. This allows the company to customize the program by incorporating their policy and procedures into it. Many also offer e-mail and web integration, which is very important in today’s world of virtual business partners.


With many RDMS programs, the user has access to Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) or Microsoft SQL Server, which offers a virtual filing system to companies. This provides a simple way to keep files secure and to provide virtually unlimited accounting records.

Companies that are inventory-intensive must have effective management practices, as well as accurate sales inventory control. The RDMS program’s inventory module organizes inventory information for quick and convenient access. Most of these programs also allow inventory to be automatically allocated to sales orders. This particular part of the program allows for multiple warehouses, multiple suppliers, and multiple substitutions to be built in.


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