What Is a Raspberry Martini?

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A raspberry martini is a type of alcoholic drink in the cocktail category that usually consists of vodka and raspberry flavoring and is normally served in a martini glass. Unlike traditional martinis, which consist of gin and dry vermouth, raspberry martinis can be made with a variety of alcohols and additional flavorings but almost always contain a raspberry flavored liquid. They are usually a deep red to pink color and are often served with fresh raspberries as garnish.

Vodka is the usual alcoholic choice for this drink. Either raspberry flavored or plain vodka can be used. A raspberry liqueur or raspberry schnapps is also normally included. The simplest versions of this drink will add only these two ingredients, but usually others are also added. Lemon-lime soda is often included. Triple sec, malt whiskey, cranberry juice, or lemonade may be added as well.

Some raspberry martini versions differ greatly from the general recipes. Adding Irish cream and raspberry vodka creates a unique raspberry martini. Likewise, adding fruit purees, such as banana and raspberry, to the vodka, make a smoothie-like drink. Syrup can also be added to the smoothie version of a raspberry martini for a sweeter flavor.


The addition of ingredients often depends on the individual's taste. For example, using lemon-lime soda strengths the sweet and sour taste of the drink, whereas using raspberry vodka in addition to another raspberry flavored liquid will strength the fruit taste.

How the drink is served also varies. Glasses can be first rimmed with sugar or left bare. The drink can be garnished with raspberries, orange slices, or nothing at all.

Once ingredients are chosen, they may be stirred together but are usually shaken. When shaken, they are placed in a martini shaker or similar container with ice and are thoroughly mixed. Then, the liquid is poured out of the shaker, leaving the ice behind. Since martinis are normally not served with ice, this allows the raspberry martini to be chilled without refrigeration. Alternatively, frozen raspberries can be added to the shaker instead of ice for the same chilling effect and additional berry flavoring.

A raspberry martini, like most martinis, is traditionally served in a martini glass. Martini glasses have a wide, cone-shaped area in which to hold the liquid and a long thin stem, similar to the stem of a wine glass. High-quality glasses are normally made of glass, but others can be found in plastic as well.


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