What Is a Race Car Bed?

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A race car bed is a children's bed with a frame designed in the image of a race car. The frame itself is usually made of plastic, though wood supports beneath the mattress are common for stability and strength. The color, size, shape, and cost of the race car bed can vary, though many are usually fairly affordable. The frame may or may not be sold with a mattress included, though the frame will be designed to accommodate typical mattress sizes.

Several advantages to owning a race car bed exist. The design of the bed will make bedtime more enticing for children, which can be a relief for parents, but more importantly, the sides of the race car bed often extend above the mattress, meaning the child will be prevented from rolling off the bed during the night. This safety feature may not be apparent at first, since most beds for children feature some sort of obvious obstruction to prevent the child from rolling off the mattress, but the car frame is often built with safety wings that are creatively included in the graphic of the car.


in most cases, a twin size mattress can be placed right inside the race car bed frame. This allows the mattress to be upgraded or otherwise replaced over time. The design of the frame itself can vary, accommodating bedrooms with various color schemes as well as the preferences of the child. Sometimes the frame is designed after popular cars or famous vehicles, while in other cases the race car bed frame may be designed in the likeness of a generic race car. The frame will include decals for headlights, hoods, doors, and even wheels to give the child a sense of being in a real car.

Sometimes a race car bed can include additional features such as a trundle bed that pulls out from beneath the mattress. This lower bed can pull out to accommodate another child, and the mattress will often be the same size or a bit smaller. This is a convenient way to host sleepovers for a child and his friends without having to modify the bedroom too drastically. The pull-out bed will require more floor space than a typical bed of this size, however. The pull-out bed may also lack some of the features of the main bed, such as wings to protect the child from falling out of bed.


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