What is a QuinceañEra?

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The Quinceañera, or Quinceanero is a coming of age party for girls celebrated in many Latin American countries, Mexico, and among Latino immigrants. It is usually celebrated on a girl’s fifteenth birthday, and can range from a party composed primarily of family and close friends to elaborately arranged balls. It is somewhat similar to the sweet 16 party, but tends to be more formerly organized. It can also be seen as similar to the bat mitzvah, since the girl is officially a young woman after its celebration.

Customs on how to celebrate the Quinceañera are influenced by country, and also by the wealth of the parents. For families with small incomes, the most important aspects of the Quinceañera may be simply a small family party, and perhaps a celebratory mass. Clothing customs also differ, but it is quite common in many countries for the Quinceañera (the fifteen year old) to wear a pink dress. Girls may also be allowed, for the first time, to wear makeup or high heels.

Some families forgo the traditional Quinceañera party in lieu of giving the 15 year old an expensive gift, such as a car or an opportunity to travel. Obviously some of these customs don’t translate in other parts of the world. It would be rare for a 15-year-old girl in the US who celebrates the Quinceañera to receive a car, since most states don’t allow people under the age of 16 to legally drive.


Some countries celebrate the Quinceañera in similar fashion to the debutante ball. The young girl may be considered the queen of the evening, be accompanied by 14 other young ladies who make up her “court.” She is often presented to a large group of partygoers by her father. The first part of the evening is formal and family-oriented, while the second half of the Quinceañera is more designed to please the teenage guests. Modern music may be played, and the party can last all night.

The ball type Quinceañera usually resembles a prom, and the honored girl gets, often for the first time, to have a male escort or date to the party. Since she is now a young woman, the Quinceañera usually marks the first time she can date with the family’s permission. Like a prom, families may rent large halls, country clubs or fancy hotel ballrooms to hold a Quinceañera. Next to a woman’s wedding, in some countries, this is probably the most exciting and elaborate celebration that will occur in her lifetime.

A less fancy, smaller party may be called a quince, and is frequently the choice of families with smaller incomes. The tradition of the Quinceañera has spread from Latin American families to other families in the United States. Some have adopted the quince as a way of celebrating an important milestone in a girl’s life, or have created elaborate sweet sixteen parties that echo the grandeur of the more formal Quinceañera parties.


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Post 8

I was oblivious to the whole quinceanera business until my friend told me about it. She's a Latin girl and I never even asked her about oncoming birthday because for me there is nothing special about becoming 16. Oh well, cultural differences.

Post 7

I have been oblivious to the whole quinceanera business until my friend told me about it. She's a Latin girl and I never even asked her about oncoming birthday because for me there is nothing special about becoming 16. Oh well, cultural differences.

Post 4

Moldova - Oh that sounds like fun. However, you can’t forget the photographer. I know that the cruise photographer will take pictures but you should also get a set of studio pictures with a local photographer too.

This way you can get variations of the print and get a beautiful custom frame to go with it.

Post 3

Sneakers41 -I know what you mean but you can’t really tell parents that have the money and adore their daughter that they should tone down the party.

I agree that sometimes it is a bit too much and maybe a family cruise would be better. At least you get to celebrate the occasion for a week rather than a single day.

They do have a quinceanera cruise which is what I am going to suggest to my daughter. This way she can invite some of her girlfriends along with the family and we all have a good time for the same price that a party for single day would have been.

Post 2

Mutsy - That sounded like so much fun. I know that the quinceanera dresses are huge.

The quinceanera celebrations sometimes can be so over the top that it makes you wonder what the girl’s wedding would be like.

I understand the festivities of the evening but my fear is that if the party is too elaborate then when the girl grows up and gets married many of the party rituals would have been the same and the wedding won’t feel as special.

Post 1

I remember going to a friend’s quinceanera when I was also fifteen. My friend had a huge teal ball gown along with the rest of the court.

There were also chorographed dance routines that included a father daughter dance. It really felt like a wedding.

My friend had a DJ and we all danced all night. It was so much fun. This is really a special time for a Latin girl which is why the family is so willing to make a big deal about it.

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