What Is a Push Lawn Sweeper?

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A push lawn sweeper is a device used to remove debris such as leaves and twigs from a lawn. It uses a brush or series of brushes mounted to an axle horizontally positioned above the lawn. When the wheels of the sweeper move forward, the brushes rotate and pick up debris from the lawn. The push version of this device differs from a tow model, which is pulled behind an ATV or tractor. The push model is simply operated by a user who walks behind the unit, pushing it along the lawn.

The three vital parts of any push lawn sweeper are the handle, the brush, and the hopper. The handle is often made from a durable metal, and this is where the user will hold on when pushing the unit along the lawn. The brush features bristles that make contact with the lawn in order to sweep up the twigs and various debris that may be strewn about the space. The hopper is a storage container in which the debris is contained after it has been swept up by the brush. The brush will essentially lift the debris into a strategically positioned opening in the bottom of the hopper, which will need to be emptied once enough debris is filled.


Most push lawn sweeper models do not feature motors; they are instead powered by the wheels as they move over the lawn. In many cases, the brush itself is attached to the wheel axle that runs across the width of the machine. Heavier-duty push lawn sweeper models may feature a motor to power the brush, but for most applications, this is not usually necessary. Some models will feature a detachable hopper that makes unloading debris a bit easier; high-? end models may feature a lever that can be pulled to lift the hopper for easy dumping of debris.

Many models feature only two wheels that allow easy movement across the lawn, but more and more models now feature a rear set of casters or wheels to make forward movement and maneuvering around obstacles much easier. The wheels can be made from rubber or plastic, though the plastic wheels generally aren't as efficient because they can slide across the lawn without actually turning. They do tend to last longer than rubber wheels, however, making them an economical choice for anyone looking to save money.


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