What is a Protein Hair Treatment?

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A protein hair treatment is a type of hair conditioning treatment that is believed to strengthen the hair. While many beauty experts believe that hair needs additional protein in order to remain healthy and strong, this belief is debatable. People who use styling products, hair colorant, or heat-induced styling tools may have hair that is brittle and damaged, but this doesn't necessarily mean that hair requires protein in order to reverse damage.

Even though there are many different beauty products on the market that claim to revitalize hair, the fact is that hair is dead. This is why cutting one's hair does not result in any kind of physical pain. Therefore, attempting to add life to hair is somewhat futile, since hair cannot be revived.

Still, the many different styling products and colorants that people use can cause hair to break. Thus, using some kind of conditioner, leave-in treatment, or protein hair treatment can help to protect hair. Protein treatments don't necessarily strengthen hair, but it will coat hair enough to protect it from everyday damage.

The best way to promote shinier and healthier hair is to carefully monitor one's diet. By eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water, both hair and skin will react favorably. Even though protein hair treatment may create a shiny effect, this same result can be achieved with a quality conditioner coupled with a great diet.


While protein hair treatment may or may not be necessary, conditioning one's hair with some type of deeply penetrating conditioner is important. Conditioner should be used one to two times per week in order to provide hair with a protective coating. People who use large amounts of styling products and colorants should speak with a stylist about a deep-conditioning treatment.

Products that contain coconut oil may be better for your hair than other products. Since coconut oil is one of the few oils to actually penetrate the hair thoroughly, it is a great way to add luster and shine to hair. Consumers who decide to purchase a product with coconut oil should look for a product that is entirely natural. Purchasing a coconut oil product that is infused with a vast amount of chemicals may damage hair.

When it comes to protein for hair, it's a far better plan to work on consuming a healthy diet than worrying about a protein treatment. Still,investing in a quality penetrating hair conditioner will likely produce the same results as purchasing a protein hair treatment.


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Post 2

suflover00- I too changed my diet as an alternative to using protein hair treatments. The thing that has really helped me is to add nuts to my diet. I noticed a big difference in the texture and feel of my hair when I started eating cashews and walnuts on a daily basis.

Post 1

I agree with the article when it says eating a healthy diet is more important than using a protein treatment for hair. I have very thin hair that breaks easily. I tried using a protein hair treatment for several weeks and it didn't seem to help.

I then tried changing some things in my diet. I cut out fast food and ate more fruits and vegetables. This helped immensely. About six weeks after changing my diet, my hair now feels fuller and looks shinier.

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