What is a Proper Tricep Stretch?

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The triceps are the opposing muscles to the biceps, which support the arm with lifting and pushing objects. There are many exercise designed for a tricep stretch. These stretching exercises should be performed slowly because they place the arm in precarious positions. This type of exercise places additional stress on the shoulder and rotator cuff area of the body. Individuals with shoulder injuries should consult with a physician before performing any triceps exercise.

The most common tricep stretch is the overhead stretch. This is performed by reaching the arm over the head and touching the back area with the palm. This stretch helps provide additional blood flow to the triceps muscle group by expanding the muscle fibers. A proper stretch should include ten seconds of holding and five seconds of resting. Each stretch should be performed slowly, without jerking movements.

Most bodybuilders perform warm up exercises before they begin a weightlifting routine. This helps with muscle's preparation and reduces the chance of injury. A tricep stretch is a good warm up routine for the upper body. Quick stretches should only take a few minutes and are typically included in a bodybuilding program.

Stretching exercises can also be added to the closing routine of a weightlifting program. This is typically considered a cool down period for athletes. Stretching after a workout allows the body to stretch more efficiently because the muscles are warmed up.


The cross-body stretch is a tricep stretch that is often used by basketball players. This stretch is performed by pulling the arm across the body toward the opposing shoulder. The opposite hand is placed on the tricep area pulling the arm closer to the opposing shoulder. This stretch is good for the shoulder area and the tricep muscles.

The tricep wall stretch is a tricep stretch that puts additional artificial pressure on the arm muscles. Performing this stretch requires an individual to lift his arm high on a side wall with the elbow bent at an angle. He should next lean his body into the wall area, which stretches the triceps. This should be performed with a slight period of holding and releasing.

The ball roll is a tricep stretch that requires a ball to be rolled outward away from the body. This stretch finishes in a bowing position with the arms fully extended on the ball. The ball roll can also be executed in a side position where the individual pushes the ball toward the side of the body. These exercises are typically performed in a seated position with a table supporting the ball.


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