What is a Promotional Video?

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Promotional videos are marketing and sales tools designed to introduce or educate consumers about a particular product, cause, or organization. Generally, a promo video is structured to be precise, direct and to only last for no more than ten to fifteen minutes. This usually allows a well-produced video to hold the attention of viewers long enough to make the key points necessary to generate additional interest.

As a marketing tool, promotional videos are often provided to prospective customers free of charge. While in the past, a marketing video was often provided as a VHS tape, videos promoting various goods and services are usually provided in the form of a DVD. In aggressive marketing campaigns, salespeople follow up with the recipient of the promo shortly after enough time has passed for the video to arrive and the prospect to view the presentation.

A promotional video can also be utilized at a conference or exhibition with great effect. By setting up a wide screen at an exhibit booth, it is possible to use a computer with the ability to play a DVD and software to keep the device playing on a continuous loop. This creates a visual point of interest for people attending the conference or exhibition and could possibly prompt them to visit the booth and learn more about the products offered.


Non-profit organizations sometimes make use of a promotional video. Because it is possible to produce these videos for very little money today, it is possible to distribute them among potential patrons who may become a source of consistent financial support. As in a business setting, the non-profit can also present the promotional video on a continuous loop at some type of public gathering and hopefully connect with people who would be interested in supporting the work of the organization.

A promotional video can also be utilized to great effect with online networking sites today. Uploading the video to a particular web site and then supplying a link to the video to interested parties makes the process of sharing the tool with a wider audience. It is not unusual for some the web sites to provide viewers with a simple way to share the link with other people they believe would be interested in seeing the video as well. That added benefit helps to increase the visibility of the video and thus further advance the message contained in the presentation.

Few promotional products can generate the impact of a well-produced promotional video. For relatively little cost, it is possible to create a tool that can be utilized in a number of different environments and generate the interest desired. With current technology, businesses or organizations with small marketing budgets can often produce the videos in house and enjoy spectacular returns on their efforts.


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Post 6

The aspect of promotional videos that are interesting from a marketing point of view is that of 'ranking' the video to appear in context searches on Google, Bing abd other search engines - surely if a person searching out a particular business related topic sees your well produced video complete with phone number, address and basic details, this is going to be a higher quality offering than a bland, text listing in a directory!

Post 5

This is great. Promotional videos really help businesses to grow their audience and sales.

Post 3

@ Alchemy & Chicada- The traditional promotional video production still has its place in B2B environments. A well-packaged promotional video and pamphlet is a great way to showcase your product to a business owner who may be in the market to buy new equipment, new fleet vehicles, or other big ticket items.

Honestly, there is nothing that exciting about a new blodgett oven or a fleet of hi-top delivery vans. In these cases, consumers are looking for functional products with low maintenance and good performance relative to price. It is much easier to reach out to a customer with an organized message that will give them all of the information that they need along with a video tour of the product.

Post 2

@ CHicada- I would have to agree that the corporate promotional videos that you receive by mail order are dated for most products. With all of today's modern technology, no one wants to wait two to four weeks for a promotional video to arrive in the mail. Every time I see a commercial that says "call now to receive your free promotional video by mail", I think probably not. This may be a good way to market something like an adjustable bed, or a motorized mobility chair, but for everything else, it's probably not going to work.

Post 1

In my opinion, the best promotional videos are short, exciting, and to the point. They usually last three to five minutes, and they are either extremely overproduced, or completely indie and underground.

One particular promotional video that has left an impression on me was Ducati's promotional video that introduced the company's new superbike the Hypermotard. The video came out a few years ago, and it showed a rider aggressively riding the bike through an urban setting. The production was very good, and it made me want to go out and buy a Hypermotard right then and there. The video was released on the web through youtube and various online forums. You could tell it was an official Ducati video, but the feel of the video was very underground. The marketing team at Ducati hit it right with that video.

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