What is a Professional Development Day?

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A professional development day is basically a learning day for educators or business professionals. Some of these types of days are public events with keynote speakers; the topics relate specifically to a certain profession. Seminars and workshops held during such an event give educators and business professionals an opportunity to learn and discuss new ideas in their career field.

For example, a professional development day for educators at a high school may include a seminar on student learning styles. The seminar would likely highlight new research information of relevance to educators. Such knowledge helps a career professional continue to develop and learn to keep growing in his or her job. Learning new information and techniques can benefit any profession. It also provides a way to put research results to practical use.

Learning professional development at a business often features presentations about what the future may hold for that particular industry. For instance, keynote speakers may discuss how changes in the economy affect the field or even a certain company. In this way, businesses can stay up to date on their forecasting planning. Forecasting in business is aided by computer software programs that project future business production factors that affect company costs and revenues.


Sometimes a business or school holds a professional development day as an invitation to job seekers or students interested in their training programs. Seminars and presentations about the career field are likely to be included. Job seekers or students interested in pursuing a particular career may attend the professional day to find out what training requirements are needed for entry-level and other jobs in that field.

Any type of business or school can benefit by holding a professional development day. Organizations other than corporations and educational institutions also host this event. For example, a sports organization may hold one mainly so coaches on different teams can meet to discuss new programs or regulations.

Professional development days usually include a selection of seminars from which the professionals can choose. Comparing and discussing different viewpoints can aid critical thinking. The day may include breakfast and/or lunch. Meeting and socializing with people in the same profession is a big part of most of these events, as they can bring together colleagues from different regions in the country or the world.

Many business professional days are annual events. Educational professional days may be held more often, such as each time new school curricula is introduced. Students don't usually attend professional development days. Instead, they get a extra day off from school. Parents are given advance notice so they can plan for the day in their schedules.


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Post 4

Professional development days bring perfection in teaching skill.

Post 3

Oasis11-Sometimes the schools offer online professional development for teachers seeking an advanced degree or another endorsement in a complimentary area.

For example, an elementary education teacher might seek an ESOL endorsement, which is English as a Second Language endorsement or she might look at a reading endorsement which allows for her to working as a reading specialist in the school system.

Some teachers look at professional development training as an opportunity to develop leadership skills and seek a position within the administration of a school.

Professional development programs also offer the latest in curriculum development as well as technological advances that can be used in the classroom to make the educational experience for the students more dynamic.

Post 2

Professional development for teachers is an opportunity to enhance their skills and learn more classroom management strategies.

Often these professional development programs involve a certain amount of mentoring so that teachers feel comfortable with their jobs.

It also offers different ways to enhance student performance. For example, there might be a professional development training involving learning how to motivate children to read.

It may offer thematic instruction ideas that involves books that children are comfortable reading as well as a set of more challenging books when the children become more proficient.

These professional development courses offer teachers an opportunity to learn new things that can help them with challenging situations.

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