What is a Production Technician?

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Production technicians are professionals who are involved in both the assembly and the testing of various goods or services before they are implemented for internal use or marketed to the general public. Their is to make sure the product is working exactly as it was envisioned, and is free of any defects or other factors that could cause distress for any consumer purchasing the finished product. Production technicians are likely to work as part of a team, and may also interact with personnel who are involved in the manufacturing and Quality Assurance (QA) processes within the company.

Preparation for work as a production technician usually requires at least holding a high school diploma or a valid GED. Training at a technical school in a field related to the creation and production of various types of products can also make it possible to secure quality related positions with various companies. Someone who wants to get into this field will also demonstrate the ability to work well with others, since testing and quality check functions are often conducted as part of a team.


Experience also plays a role in becoming a successful production technician. Working with electricians is often a good way to acquire basic knowledge and skills that translate into many testing and evaluation related jobs. If the individual wishes to work in a particular industry, taking a position associated with the manufacturing process may also help to open a door for a promotion from within. The combination of formal education coupled with experience is often very attractive to prospective employers.

Depending on the performance of the production technician, there is some possibility for advancement. Working as a technician makes it possible to learn more about product development as well as quality control. With enough experience, the technician may be able to migrate into another aspect of the manufacturing or marketing process, possibly becoming a supervisor or manager.

Work in this position can be challenging. Because there is the opportunity to evaluate new products before they are sold to the public, the technician often has the chance to be exposed to new technology before the vast majority of other people. At the same time, a production technician may find working as part of a team to be rewarding. While the potential for earning a large income is somewhat limited, someone in this job can often utilize what he or she has learned about quality standards, production methods, and marketing approaches into other and more lucrative endeavors.


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Post 5

Production techs must be able to multitask in a fast paced environment. A lot of things can go wrong in a production line.

Post 3

I actually have a friend who used to work as a production technician. He now works as a supervisor in his department, making much more than a production technician salary. He doesn't have a college degree or anything like that. He started working in manufacturing right out of high school, and has been promoted within his company a bunch of times.

Working in manufacturing can be a really great option for people who want to do hands on work and don't want to go to college. It worked for my friend!

Post 2

@starrynight - Good point. I'm sure there are probably safety procedures in place to prevent production manufacturing technicians from hurting themselves on the job though. I know that here in the United States there are a lot of safety regulations in most industries, so I doubt the manufacturing industry is some kind of exception.

Either way, this job sounds like it could be really interesting. As the article said, production technicians get to see new technology before the general public. And they get to test it out and give their input on the ease of use of the product.

Of course, I really love technology and gadgets, so of course something like this would be interesting for me. I assume that for some, it's just a way to pay the bills and they aren't very interested in the products they test out.

Post 1

This production job sounds like it could be a little bit dangerous. Since a production technician tests out new products, it seems like there is the possibility of a product malfunctioning and hurting the technician.

This could be caused by an error in assembling the product, or the product itself being unsafe because of the design. I know product designers try to design safe products, but I'm sure there are some design flaws that aren't apparent until you actually put the product together and test it out!

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