What is a Private Social Network?

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A private social network is a social network that puts an emphasis on members' privacy. The idea behind this social network is that the private information of members is confidential and should never be shared by anyone unless it is authorized by the user. A private social network could be held on a variety of servers so no single entity owns it or is in charge. This is a type of social network that puts the user in a position of prominence.

The private social network has emerged as the result of several popular social networks disregarding users' privacy concerns. Many social networks have taken the personal information of the users and released it to the general public. Many users of these social networks have become upset and have started to look for other options. The private social network could be exactly what many of these users want to use.

The point of social networking is to get out and develop relationships with other people. At the same time, individuals who do not want all of their personal information revealed should not have to do so to participate in the network. With a private social network, these users can choose exactly what is available to be seen by others. Users can customize their profiles and put as much or as little information as they choose on them.


Another key component of the private social network is that it is held on multiple servers in different locations. Instead of having a centralized headquarters for a social network, it is spread out and is the property of the users of the network. No larger company will be in charge of the network or technically be the owner of it. This is a type of software that allows individuals to have complete control over everything in their social networking experience.

With a private social network, individuals will be able to do a number of different things with the sites. For example, a user could create a profile, meet other individuals on the network, and start to interact with them. If the individual starts to feel comfortable with someone on the network, he or she could choose to release a certain amount of personal information to them. The important thing to realize about this type of social network is that it is completely up to the users instead of the policies of a large company.


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