What is a Privacy Liner?

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

A privacy liner is a window accessory designed to attach to a shade or blind to create more privacy by blocking more light. Privacy liners can be used with things like Roman shades, curtains, and other types of window coverings that offer incomplete privacy. Many companies offer several styles, including blackout curtains designed to cut off all light. These can be useful for complete privacy, or to comply with light pollution and blackout requirements in communities where these requirements are in force.

A privacy liner is one's work space may help to reduce the risk of eye strain.
A privacy liner is one's work space may help to reduce the risk of eye strain.

Privacy liners can be made from various fabrics including cotton, linen, silk, and polyester. It's also possible to find liners made from plastics and other materials. The liner is designed to move with the window covering, and when used on the inside, it cannot be seen from the street. They are usually made in plain colors so they will coordinate with a variety of materials, although privacy liners are also available in patterns by request.

During the daytime, using a privacy liner will close off some of the view of the outside world, in addition to filtering light more effectively. People looking through a window from the outside will not be able to see into a structure, even if the primary blind or curtain is loosely woven or constructed. This can create added security and safety during daylight hours. At night, a privacy liner will prevent the common backlighting problem, where turning on lights inside the house makes the contents of the house highly visible through curtains and shades.

Privacy liners can also help limit sun damage to art, furniture, and carpeting. This may be important in climates with long, bright days where sun damage is a concern. A privacy liner is also useful for preventing glare, as it will cut down on light entering a room and filter it more effectively, limiting problems with televisions and computer screens. People designing ergonomic workspaces may want to consider using a privacy liner to reduce the risk of eye strain and discomfort.

Some curtains come with a privacy liner attached, or the manufacturer sells the liners as accessories to curtains. In other cases, a generic liner can be ordered or made and used to add privacy. For curtains made from unusual materials or cut to unusual sizes, it may be necessary for a custom order to ensure the best match and fit. Many companies selling window treatments and accessories offer privacy liners, as well as customization services for people with particular needs.

Mary McMahon
Mary McMahon

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