What is a Power Twister?

Micki Elizabeth

A power twister is a piece of fitness equipment that consists of a bar with handles on both ends and a resistance spring in the center. An individual can work the upper body, including the chest, shoulders, and arm muscles, by applying force to the handles and bending the bar. Many people consider the power twister a useful strengthening tool because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to transport.

A power twister is a useful upper body strengthening tool.
A power twister is a useful upper body strengthening tool.

It is important to take a proper stance before using the twister in order to isolate the correct muscles and avoid injury. Legs should be grounded, hip-distance apart, with the knees slightly bent rather than locked. The abdominal muscles should be engaged to avoid straining the back; this could also help ensure the upper body does not use force from the lower body during the exercises.

The biceps and triceps in the arms can get a good workout using the power twister.
The biceps and triceps in the arms can get a good workout using the power twister.

For the most part, the exercise moves involving the twister require the user to bend the bar into a U or inverted U shape. To work different muscles, he needs only to change the placement of his arms. The direction of the force—whether pulling upward or pushing downward—will also dictate which muscles are utilized.

A typical exercise using the power twister may help to strengthen the chest. First, the arms should be straight out to the sides at shoulder height. The elbows bend so that the forearms stretch in front of the body, and one can then hold the bar at face level, with palms faced down.

Then, as the palms squeeze toward the floor and press together, the bar should form an upside-down U shape. One can stop here or add a challenging move by straightening the arms in front of the chest while the bar is still bent. To return to the starting position, the user should take care to use controlled, fluid movements. Snapping the arms back could cause injury and may not work the muscles fully.

The biceps and triceps in the arms can also get a good workout using the power twister. For both exercises, the elbows should be bent at right angles and placed snugly against the side of the ribcage. To isolate the biceps, the user can hold the bar with palms facing up. The goal is to bend the bar into a U shape by pressing upward on the handles until the palms face in toward one another.

If one wants to isolate the triceps, the same stance is assumed, but with the palms facing down to the ground. Rather than pushing up on the handles, the user pushes down. Many of these exercises can be given a slight twist simply by changing the position and level of the arms in order to work the entire upper body.

The biceps and triceps in the arms get a good workout using the power twister.
The biceps and triceps in the arms get a good workout using the power twister.

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@turquoise-- That's why the power twister comes with straps. If you use them, you won't have accidents like that. A blow in the face with it can do a lot of damage.

The power twister is the only thing I can get myself to use for upper body exercise. I especially have problems with my arms and just wanted something to tone them and make them look better. The power twister has definitely helped.

I believe it comes in different strengths. The one I have is a bit easier to use but I wouldn't be able to manage more at this point. It's easy to carry around too. I've taken it with me on a few trips.


@bear78-- I hurt myself using the power twister once but it had nothing to do with posture. I just lost a grip on it while bending it and got hit in the face with it.

It is a great tool though. It's very easy to use and it seems like it won't give much of a workout but it does. I remember after my first use, my arms were sore for a few days. It's a good exercise for people who dislike working with weights.


The power twister is a great piece of equipment. But I highly recommend learning the right posture and exercise techniques before making the power twister part of an everyday routine.

I have a bad back and I made the mistake of using the power twister without learning the right posture. Naturally, I injured myself. So please, take the time to learn how to use it. It definitely provides a great workout and when used correctly, it shouldn't cause injuries.

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