What is a Power Shower?

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A power shower is a device that is designed to increase the amount of pressure used to propel water through the shower head, with the result being a powerful spray of water. It functions with the aid of a pump that is able to concentrate the flow of the water, creating the same sensation that is experienced when more water pressure is actually present.

This device may make the use of a single pump or a double pump in order to achieve the desired result. Single pump models often are sufficient when the natural water pressure in the existing water system is only slightly less than desired. However, when the water pressure to the home seems to be exceptionally low, a double pump power shower system may be the best option. In both cases, the pump will not only help to regulate the flow of hot and cold water, but also help to maintain the temperature of the water as well.

It should be noted that a power shower is not meant to be a water saving device. In fact, it will use a great deal more water than any other means. Because the goal is to take a system with relatively low water pressure and force more water through the pipes, larger quantities of water are used. This can mean a significant increase in the water utility bill if the shower is installed in a home with multiple residents.


There are also some instances in which the installation of a power shower could create damage to the existing system over time. It should not be installed if the water source is a combination boiler operating with the use of water mains pressure. The presence of the shower could eventually create additional strain on the boiler to supply heated water and make replacement necessary. Also, if there is any type of heating device that is attached to the shower apparatus proper, the power shower will create additional wear on it and could possibly make the regulation of the temperature a little harder to achieve.


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Post 3

The important thing, ysmina, is not why it broke down, but how the hell can anybody be in the shower for half an hour? Haven't you ever heard about water shortage and water saving?

Post 2

I had a power shower last year, but it didn't last me very long. The water pressure in my shower was pretty crazy, it could go from nothing to pretty strong in a couple of minutes. That's why I got the power shower, to make the pressure the same at all times.

I don't if it was my water pressure, or the fact that I tend to take long showers, my device broke down in the year I got it.

I'm still suspecting that it was the length of my showers, is it bad to use the power shower for about half an hour at one time?

Post 1

I have a water heater and a power shower in one. Since the same device controls both the heat of the water and the water pressure, I have not had any problems with it. I agree that if the devices were separate, it could have been difficult to synchronize the two.

Oh, and the good part is, you don't necessarily have to use both at once. So you can still shower with cold water and have the power shower working.

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