What Is a Portable Water Tank?

Malcolm Tatum

A portable water tank is a water storage device that is designed for use in settings that require either a supplementary supply of water or a temporary replacement for the usual source of water. Tanks of this type are often collapsible and are relative easy to move and set up. It is not unusual for a portable water tank to be used in events such as emergency relief after some type of natural disaster, as a backup resource during the process of fighting a fire, or as part of the equipment for a military operation.

A portable water tank may provide emergency water in the event of a natural disaster, like a tornado.
A portable water tank may provide emergency water in the event of a natural disaster, like a tornado.

The design of a portable water tank will vary, based on the intended use. Some designs include a frame that can be assembled with relative ease, providing some degree of extra protection for the body of the collapsible tank. Designs of this type are often practical when the tank will need to remain in the same position for longer periods of time, such as during the restoration of a water and sewage system after a natural disaster. An alternative is known as the onion design, in which the collapsible water tank is a more or less stand-alone device without a frame. This design can be set up and moved with relative ease, making it ideal for use in military maneuvers and other applications that may require adjusting the location of the tank from time to time.

A number of manufacturers offer portable water tank designs that vary in dimensions, easy of assembly, and total water capacity. This makes it possible to purchase tanks that are the right size for just about any situation requiring a steady access to a water source. Additional features that are relevant to specific types of applications, such as providing a military company on the move with a source of clean water or as a tool in firefighting are readily available. Many manufacturers will also custom design a portable water tank to the specifications provided by the client.

While durable, a portable water tank is not intended to be a permanent water storage solution. Even designs that are constructed with extended use in mind are understood to be a temporary measure until a more permanent solution can be implemented. Tanks of this type are ideal for providing a source of clean water to a community that has been devastated by a flood, tornado or other type of natural disaster that renders the main water system unavailable. By making use of the portable tanks, the community can continue to function to some degree as the damage from the disaster is overcome and the main water system is once again operable.

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