What is a Portable Jacuzzi?

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Portable jacuzzis are jacuzzis that are often utilized when the installation of a permanent jacuzzi is impractical or considered too expensive. Constructed with heavy-duty inflatable material as the main section of the device, the portable jacuzzi requires very little setup, and provides all the benefits of more expensive versions. As a bonus, the jacuzzi can be moved with very little effort.

A portable jacuzzi is often a great option for people who are renting or leasing a home. Since the owner of the property may not be open to the installation of any type of permanent hot tub or spa, the portable model allows the tenants to enjoy all the benefits of having a relaxing evening. The portable hot tub inflates with ease and requires nothing more than a simple garden hose to supply water to the tub. A small motorized unit attaches to the main tub and creates the waterjet action that makes the warm water bubble.

Setting up the portable jacuzzi involves finding a level spot on a patio or lawn area. If the portable jacuzzi is placed in the back yard, it is generally recommended that the ground area be prepared. This is easily managed by bringing in enough sand to create a level bed for the main unit to rest upon.


Once the space is prepared, the tub portion of the portable jacuzzi is inflated. This is accomplished with hand pumps. Some models will inflate nicely with the use of a simple bicycle pump. Others will come with automatic inflation equipment that works with the use of electricity.

After the body of the portable jacuzzi is inflated, the pump and heater are moved into position and connected to the tub. Last, the water supply is connected. At this point, all that is required is to turn on the pump and allow the water to be heated as it fills the tub.

A basic portable jacuzzi will comfortably accommodate up to four people at a time. Four to six water jets create the bubbling action that is key to the function of the portable spa. The tub section usually weighs around seventy pounds when empty, and the pump/heater unit is often in the range of forty to fifty pounds total. The filled portable jacuzzi may weigh in at around two thousand pounds. Apartment dwellers will want to make sure the patio or balcony where the jacuzzi is set up will in fact hold that amount of weight.

While a portable jacuzzi generally costs less than a permanent model, they are not inexpensive. It is not unusual for even a low-end model to cost in the range of $2,000 US Dollars. However, it is possible to purchase second hand or refurbished models at a significant discount.


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