What is a Portable Bidet?

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A portable bidet is an on-the-go version of a bidet, a bathroom fixture resembling a toilet that provides a stream of warm water for personal cleansing instead of bathroom tissue. Bidets are useful for people who suffer from a number of rectal or genital problems, or simply desire a hygienic cleansing after defecation or intercourse. Portable bidets offer the same benefits as a fixture with the added convenience of travel.

Portable bidets have a reservoir that can be filled with either cool or warm water. Different types range from simple squeeze bottles to elaborate battery-operated units. The user fills the reservoir and directs the stream on the desired area. Battery-operated units may come with attachment nozzles to provide an external spray, an internal spray, and a nursing spray for general washing. Hand shower bidets attach to the shower head and are used while bathing.

Doctors often recommend that people with external hemorrhoids not use dry paper for wiping. This can aggravate them and cause bleeding. The portable bidet gently cleanses the anal area so the hemorrhoids can heal. If hemorrhoid sufferers are traveling, they may not have access to a bidet. The ability to take the portable bidet with them can remove any anxiety and discomfort sufferers may have about taking a trip.


Caretakers of bedridden patients can use a portable bidet to help them wash after going to the bathroom. After colorectal surgery or childbirth, a bidet keeps incisions hygienic. If the patient’s home does not have the fixture, the handheld unit is a perfect alternative. Bidets also help people with limited range of motion, such as the elderly and obese, or people who have had surgery on their upper extremities and can not cleanse themselves properly.

Many people like to use a bidet before or after sexual intercourse for extra cleanliness. With a portable bidet, they can go on vacation with their partner and need not worry if their accommodations have the a bidet available. Others like to use a bidet to save money on toilet paper. A dedicated towel can be used to pat dry afterward. The portable bidet is a good alternative if it is too expensive to install a permanent fixture.

A handheld bidet may also be used externally on infants after a diaper change instead of a washcloth. The sanitary stream helps prevent rashes and irritation. Units are sometimes used for feminine hygiene issues or during menstruation. The portable bidet can be a handy supplement to the portable toilet in a camper or travel trailer.


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