What is a Pool Ozone Generator?

Erin J. Hill

A pool ozone generator, also called an ozonator, is a device which emits ozone into pool water in order to filter and clean it. They are generally used in combination with more traditional chemical treatments. There are many benefits to using an ozonator in comparison with using high levels of harsh chlorine and other chemicals.

Ozone generators are used to filter and clean swimming pools.
Ozone generators are used to filter and clean swimming pools.

Ozone generators work by passing air through high voltages of electricity. This process separate the O2 molecules into separate O1 molecules. These new molecules combine with others to create ozone.

Ozone systems use an electrical charge to generate water-purifying ozone.
Ozone systems use an electrical charge to generate water-purifying ozone.

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Studies have shown that the use of a pool ozone generator effectively cleans the pool and frees the water of mold, mildew, bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. They are also effective at neutralizing and removing bodily oils and other human contaminants in the water. This helps to reduce the need for other, harsher, purifying methods.

The use of a pool ozone generator usually reduces the need for chemical agents substantially. More effective models are in development which may virtually eliminate the use of harsh chemicals. In comparison with chlorine, ozone does not irritate the eyes, nose, and mouth. Ozone also leaves the Ph balance of the water untouched, and is much less corrosive to a pool liner than chlorine use.

Using a pool ozone generator also helps to reduce the overall maintenance costs of keeping a pool clean. The ozonator only has to be purchased once and reduces the use of chemicals, so fewer supplies need to be purchased each season. Additionally, since ozone is not as harsh to pool liners, fewer repairs may be needed.

Ozone generators can generally be found at pool supply centers or online. The cost may vary based on the size and model being purchased. In most cases, the price spent on the ozonator is made back by reducing the cost of yearly pool maintenance.

Pool owners should keep in mind that a pool ozone generator is used for microscopic organisms and does not take the place of proper pool maintenance. Leaves and other large debris should be removed with a pool net or vacuum unit. Smaller items should be removed with the use of a quality pool filter. Additionally, small amounts of chlorine or shock should be used to prevent algae growth and to maintain a clean appearance.

Ozone purifiers can also be used in hot tubs and jacuzzis. To find the one most appropriate for the job at hand, it is a good idea to speak with a retailer who is experienced in using them. Professional installation may be required to ensure proper function.

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