What Is a Pomegranate Martini?

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A pomegranate martini is an alcoholic cocktail that is made by combining the juice of pomegranates with vodka, orange liqueur, and lemon juice. Once mixed, the martini is poured into a cocktail glass that has had its rim dipped in lemon juice and sugar, and the beverage is finally garnished with a twist of lemon or pomegranate fruit. The cocktail has become a popular alternative to the traditional martini that is made by combining dry vermouth with gin, shaking or stirring the mixture, and then adding an olive to garnish. Since its traditional form, there have been many flavored variations similar to the pomegranate martini, that don’t necessarily include traditional ingredients, but have taken on the “martini” name. Some of these variations include the apple martini, blueberry martini, and chocolate martini, as well as the espresso martini and Hollywood martini.

Making a pomegranate martini is quick and easy, and involves combining 1 oz. (30 ml) of vodka and 0.5 oz. (15 ml) of orange liqueur with 3 oz. (89 ml) of pomegranate juice and 1/4 teaspoon of lemon juice. Each of the ingredients is added to a cocktail shaker along with ice cubes and the mixture is then shaken for approximately 20 seconds. The martini is then strained and served “straight up” or without ice, into a prepared cocktail glass which is then garnished.


Drinking a martini can be quite indulgent; however, the great thing about making a fruit cocktail such as the pomegranate martini is that it may provide some essential vitamin and minerals. Pomegranates are known to be a rich source of vitamin C and are also a great source of dietary fiber. The martini should not replace eating fruit, but it may ease a little of the guilt when over-indulging in times of celebration.

Similar to the pomegranate martini, there are many types of fruit martinis that have also become popular, including both the apple martini and blueberry martini. The apple martini is made by combining vodka with green-apple schnapps, but it can also be made using apple puree. Blueberry martinis are made by mixing vodka with orange liqueur, blueberry juice, and mango juice.

Other less-fruity martini varieties include the chocolate martini, the espresso martini, and the Hollywood martini. The chocolate martini is made by combining vodka with white crème de cacao liqueur, while the espresso martini is made by mixing vanilla rum with coffee liqueur and chilled coffee. The Hollywood martini, made using vodka, raspberry liqueur, and pineapple juice, is similar to the popular Hollywood cocktail, with its only difference being that it is shaken and served without ice.


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