What is a Podcast Directory?

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A podcast is audio content on a website that can be transferred onto an audio player, such as an iPod or other MP3 player. A podcast directory is a way to store podcasts by collecting them in an organized way so the user can search by subject. Several websites gather podcast recordings and sort them into categories such as sports, religion, comedy, technology, etc. Podcast directories are used by listeners just as phone books are used by anyone looking for a phone number.

Podcasts are not universally controlled, so anybody can post or remove podcasts from the internet or from a directory. A podcast directory is convenient for users who do not have specific podcasts in mind. Downloading a podcast onto a listening device requires downloading podcatcher software such as iTunes, which comes with a directory that often contains subdirectories showing specific subjects. The user can then choose what to download.

Another way to use a podcast directory is through the internet. Several websites contain podcast directories, and PodcastPlatform provides links to the biggest online directories. These contain as many as 26,000 podcasts in up to 29 different categories. Some have not only subdirectories but sub subdirectories. Also, some websites feature video podcasts, podcasts that include video clips.


Most radio shows are recorded live, archived and made available through an RSS feed. Disc jockeys can easily include their shows in a podcast directory for little trouble and no cost. To do so, simply search the internet to see if the show is already listed in a podcast directory. If not, submit it by registering for the site, which will usually have an easy way to submit a podcast, then follow the instructions for listing basic information about the show, such as a description, logo and link to the feed. Some sites will simply ask for the feed URL, which is the feed host page, followed by /feed, and it will fill in all of the show’s details automatically.

After submitting the show’s information, be sure to let potential downloaders know that they can catch the show live. People may not be aware that the show is still on the radio. If it is, include the time, radio station and/or website of the show. Including a radio show in a podcast directory can be a great public relations campaign for that show. Listing it in podcast directories can spread its popularity and gain listeners and fans, which is the best way to keep radio alive.


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