What Is a Pocket Sandwich?

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A pocket sandwich is a type of sandwich in which the fillings are placed inside a pocket of dough. These sandwiches can be made by folding a slice of bread or tortilla around the fillings, or they can be made by inserting fillings into a pouch of bread, such as pita bread. A pocket sandwich can also be made by folding ingredients into a piece of raw bread dough and baking or frying it with the fillings inside. There are many types of pocket sandwiches, including pepperoni rolls, pizza rolls, strombolis, quesadillas, and calzones. Most world cultures are believed to have developed some form of pocket sandwich.

The pita sandwich may be one of the most popular types of cold pocket sandwiches. This type of sandwich is made using pita bread, which is hollow in the center. The roll is generally sliced in half. Each half may be stuffed with cold sandwich ingredients.

Many types of pocket sandwich are served hot. Strombolis, calzones, pizza rolls, and pepperoni rolls are generally prepared by wrapping fillings, including cheese, meat and spices, in a piece of raw dough and then baking it until both bread and fillings are cooked. Some types of pocket sandwiches, such as quesadillas, are wrapped in tortilla, or other types of bread, and then fried. Instant pocket sandwiches, such as Hot Pockets®, can be purchased in the frozen food section of many supermarkets, and prepared quickly at home in the microwave or oven.


Pocket sandwiches are popular finger foods because they are convenient to transport and eat without utensils. The breads and doughs used to make pocket sandwiches are generally absorb any juices from the fillings. Fillings are less likely to slip out of a pocket sandwich because the thorough wrapping of bread or dough can generally keep them in place. Pocket sandwiches are generally easy to carry around, since fillings are often kept sealed inside the bread wrapping until the sandwich is eaten.

The United States Army has taken advantage of the portability and convenience of the pocket sandwich by including beef, chicken, and pepperoni pocket sandwiches with its normal rations. The army believes that pocket sandwiches can offer nutritious, filling meals without requiring that soldiers stop to prepare hot meals.


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