What is a Plate Holder?

Sheri Cyprus

A plate holder usually refers to a type of holder that displays decorative plates. Some plate holders are made for multiple plates while many hold just one decorative plate. Single plate holders are often lightweight and inexpensive while multiple plate holders may be made from ornately scrolled wrought iron.

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The multiple type of plate holder is often made to hang on the wall. Most hang vertically, but some can be hung either vertically or horizontally. These are great for those who collect plates and want to display them in their home. A multiple plate holder usually holds three or four plates. One wall hung plate holder may add interest to a narrow wall space while several could decorate a large kitchen wall.

The single kind of plate holder is available in two main types. The one made for hanging a plate on a wall has a metal x-shaped spring mechanism on the back. You fit the plate into the mechanism and the idea is that only a few points of the metal plate holder show on the front when you hang up the plate. The standing type of single plate holder may either be a simple metal tri-pod sort of structure or a plastic or wooden heavier type of holder.

The plastic types of standing plate holders may have decorative edges such as a scallop design and may be made in two main pieces that snap together. The plate holder serves as a stand to display the plate upright. The sizes of these range from very small to quite large and they are usually really inexpensive. They are ideal when you have a single decorative plate that you want to display on a table, fireplace mantel or shelf.

You can use two standing plate holders on either end of a tray to display it upright. Shallower bowls and baskets can also be displayed on many single standing plate holders. A few standing plate holders used inside a china cabinet can help show the china pattern. Any type of plate holder can display a treasured plate left from a relative's dish set or a souvenir plate from a trip.

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