What Is a Pizza Fundraiser?

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A pizza fundraiser is often held by schools or other organizations to raise money for events or programs. During a pizza fundraiser, people usually sell pizza kits, which contain the various parts of a pizza and are assembled and baked at home. The organization receives a percentage of the cost of each kit to put toward its funding needs. Another way to hold a pizza fundraiser is to purchase pizzas at a discount from a local pizzeria or chain and sell slices of pizza during an event, similar to a bake sale.

If an organization decides to sell pizza kits as part of a pizza fundraiser, the head of the organization usually distributes brochures and order forms to individuals participating in the fundraiser. Usually, the organizer knows how much money the group needs to earn and how many pizza kits need to be sold to earn that amount. Most of the time, individuals in a fundraiser will have a target number of pizza kits to sell.

During a pizza fundraiser, individuals sell the kits to others, such as family members or co-workers. The people ordering the pizza kits need to pay up front. The individual then hands her orders into the organizer, who submits them to the company providing the kits and fundraiser. Usually, the organizer places one large order with the company and pays for it when the kits are delivered.


Typically, kits sold during a pizza fundraiser include 12-inch (30-cm) rounds of pizza crust, packets of sauce, and grated cheese. Depending on the type of kit, it may also include pepperoni or other toppings. Some kits feature personal-sized pizzas rather than 12-inch (30-cm) crusts. The kits are meant to be kept in the refrigerator for about a week or can be frozen for months.

The group gets a cut of the cost of the kits. For example, if a kit costs $12 US Dollars (USD), the group may receive $7 USD. Some fundraisers increase the amount a group earns the more kits they sell. A group that sells less than 100 kits may earn only $5 USD per kit, while a group that sells more than 200 kits may eaDrn $8 US per kit.

Instead of selling pizza kits, an organization may hold a pizza fundraiser by purchasing whole pies and selling the pies by the slice at an event, such as a baseball game or school play. One way to maximize profits is to get a local pizzeria to donate the pies and then sell each slice for a few dollars.


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