What Is a Pilates Retreat?

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A Pilates retreat is a type of vacation that Pilates enthusiasts take to relax. Most of the time, the retreat takes place in a tropical or mountainous location, or any place with plenty of beautiful scenery where the participants can enjoy nature and escape the stress of daily life. The focus of a Pilates retreat is, as the name implies, on the practice of Pilates and its fitness and relaxation benefits, although the majority of retreats also provide other activities similar to those at a vacation resort.

Many companies offer package deals on retreats, which may include the price of travel, food, and other activities while on the trip. Some offer sightseeing around scenic locations near the hotel or resort. It is not necessary to plan a Pilates retreat through a company such as this, however, because these accommodations can be more expensive. A Pilates retreat can be planned privately among family and friends with more modest living arrangements and meals, but this may require hiring a Pilates instructor at the destination or making other arrangements.


Some retreats combine yoga and other meditative activities with Pilates to create a more spiritual atmosphere. Others simply focus on Pilates for its own relaxation and fitness qualities. A Pilates retreat typically reserves at least two hours a day for this activity, although it can go up to several hours depending on the retreat and the wishes of the participants. The rest of the time, retreat participants are usually permitted to pursue other interests separately from the group, although there are frequently other group activities to join, such as hiking or swimming, depending on the location.

A typical Pilates retreat lasts around a week, give or take a few days. The length of the trip is usually reflected in the cost of the retreat package, so shorter trips may be more affordable, although this is not always the case. Less common are weekend or three-day retreats, though these are definitely an option for individuals who wish to take a shorter trip, whether for price reasons, to avoid having to take the time off of work, or commitment to other obligations. For most people, it is impractical to travel to an exotic location for a weekend or three-day Pilates retreat, so these usually take place closer to home and therefore are likely to cost less because of the reduced travel expenses.


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