What is a Picotee?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Picotees are flowers that are distinguished by blooms that sport two colors. In many instances, the arrangement of the two colors will include a base color accompanied by a different color along the edges of the petals. The secondary color may be a darker hue of the base color, or a different color altogether.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

The picotee is one of two different types of patterns that are common with bi-colored flowers. In contrast to the picotee, the star pattern is normally composed of one solid color that is enhanced with an area of white in the center of the bloom. One example would be a red rose in which the center petals are white and form a shape that is very similar to that of a five-pointed star.

There are many different varieties of flowers that are considered picotees. One of the more common is the picotee morning glory. The vibrant blooms with their colorful bands of darker colors are often used as a decorative addition to flower beds, as well as in the creation of flowered borders around trees. These flowers can be obtained as young plants from a nursery, or grown using picotee blue morning glory seeds with relative ease.

Other popular examples of the picotee include petunias and begonias. Petunias are a delicate bloom often used for flower borders and for display in the home. Begonias are a popular option with landscaping, as they add a dash of color that helps to enhance the use of evergreens and other shrubs in the overall layout of the yard. As with the morning glories, petunias and begonias can be purchased from a nursery or grown from seeds.

Another excellent choice for landscaping is the picotee day lily. When mixed in with solids as well as different bi-color selections, the day lily can easily add color to the landscaping for most of the day, and will begin to close just as other flowers that tend to bloom in the afternoon begin to open. The combination means there are colorful blooms to enjoy all day long, while also allowing the garden to take on a slightly different look as the afternoon moves into evening.

Incorporating one or two picotee flowers into the garden usually involves understanding which plants will do well in your soil and your general climate. The amount of sunshine and shade that different areas of your garden experience each day is also important to consider. New gardening enthusiasts can usually obtain excellent suggestions from the local nursery, in terms of what types of picotees grow best in direct and indirect sunlight, as well as in areas that tend to be shady for most of the day.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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