What is a PHP Code Editor?

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Hypertext PreProcessor (PHP) is a language used by computer programmers to write program scripts. A PHP code editor is a computer application similar to a text editor, only it is designed specifically for programmers to write PHP code. Using a PHP code editor instead of a plain text editor can save time and increase productivity by automatically correcting or highlighting programming errors, color-coding syntax for easier reading, and completing strings of code.

Programmers commonly use the PHP programming language to build web applications in conjunction with Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). PHP performs server commands, such as determining whether a user is logged in or saving a comment to a database, while the HTML controls how content appears in a web browser. The typical PHP code editor recognizes and formats HTML in addition to PHP. Some support many other languages, such as JavaScript or Python, as well.

Programming in a PHP code editor can be faster than in other environments because the editor speeds up common tasks. If auto-complete is enabled, typing as little as "if" would automatically create a properly-formatted "if" statement. All the programmer has to do is fill in the blanks. Without a PHP code editor, he would have to type out the entire statement from memory and insert tabs and spaces by hand, which can be time-consuming.


Auto-completion is helpful both to programmers new to PHP, who may be unfamiliar with the programming language's particular requirements, and to experienced programmers who frequently switch between different languages. Most programming languages have so many specific rules about how to indicate variables, end statements, or define functions that it's easy to get confused. With a PHP code editor, much of that confusion is removed.

Reading and comprehending multiple lines of PHP code, or any programming language, can be challenging. Most PHP editors color-code the programming syntax, making it easier to read. For example, comments may be light gray, indicating they are only notes and not part of the actual program while all variables may be green. Incorrect code, such as a variable missing a closing quote mark, may be red, making it easy to spot and correct errors.

A PHP code editor provides further advantages over a simple text editor. For example, a programmer can perform a find and replace using regular expressions instead of exact matches. Built-in validation tools can also point out formatting issues or improperly nested HTML tags that may not be literal errors but may cause problems down the road if not fixed.


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