What is a Photo Puzzle?

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A photo puzzle is a jigsaw puzzle that, when completed, reveals a beautiful photographic scene or portrait. It can be very challenging working on a photo puzzle because large amounts of the puzzle may have similar colored pieces, as in a blue sky, or the flesh tones of a face. A keen eye is needed to match the shapes, and not just look for color cues.

Since it may take days or even weeks to complete a photo puzzle, it's a good idea to begin the assembly on a portable sheet of cardboard, plywood, or something comparable. Alternately, you can buy a puzzle caddy or "portapuzzle." If you have to move the photo puzzle, you won't ruin the work you've put into it. The finished scene can be breathtaking, and many people will frame and display their photo puzzle when finished.

Would you like a photo puzzle made from your favorite personal photographs? There are some online 'puzzle companies' that will do this for you. You can arrange a collage of several pictures together, or use a single photo enlargement. How about that family picture when camping last summer at the lake, or pictures of the kids playing on the beach? Perhaps you and your best friend standing in the snow at your favorite ski lodge, or that hilarious shot at your 30th birthday with the gang a few sheets to the wind!


Wedding pictures, baby pictures, graduation or prom, team pictures, and holiday themed pictures are some other ideas. Do you know anyone who is fanatical about a pet? Wouldn't they be surprised to get a photo puzzle of their furry or feathered friend!

There are some tips that will help you assemble your photo puzzle. First, you'll need plenty of room -- about four times the dimensions of the finished puzzle. Remove all pieces from the box and place them in a single layer, face up so they can be clearly seen. Separate the pieces into two groups: pieces that are part of the frame or edge, and interior pieces. The frame pieces will have at least one straight edge, assuming the puzzle is rectangular or square. You can further divide these groups into like colors.

The first thing to assemble is the frame. The four corners are easiest to find because they have two straight edges. Build from the corners until the frame is complete. Next, use the picture on the box cover to look for unique textures, lines or other areas of the photo puzzle that are easy to identify among the pieces. Save areas that are less distinguishable, like clear blue sky or large areas of foliage, for last.

The most important thing is to take your time and enjoy yourself. Assembling a photo puzzle can be meditative and relaxing. You'll even find friends making their way to the puzzle to try their hand at it. Best of all, when it's finally done it will be a beautiful work of art!


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Post 2

I have several personalized puzzles of my kids from growing up. Most of them have been put together a few times, but are now just sitting in pieces in the box.

A nice way to display them would be to put them together and frame them. This way you would not lose any of the pieces and would be able to enjoy looking at the photograph all the time.

Post 1

I usually don't have the patience for putting together puzzles, but I love the photo jigsaw puzzles that we have had made. I will usually choose one of my favorite photos from a family vacation or special gathering, and have it made into a jigsaw puzzle.

These are especially fun to give as gifts, and make great souvenirs of a special occasion. There just seems to be something much more fun about putting together a puzzle that has a personal touch than some random scene on a box.

They do not have to be real big, so it makes a great project for kids to be involved with too.

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