What Is a Photo Pillow Case?

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A photo pillow case is a type of pillow with images transferred onto the fabric of the case. These photos can be personal in nature, or they can be logos or other types of artwork. Many photo pillow cases can be created to showcase photos on both sides of the pillow and can even have accompanying text. These types of pillow cases should be treated like delicate garments when they are laundered.

The types of photos that can be transferred onto a photo pillow case are not limited to a specific type. Those interested in customizing pillows in this way can use their favorite photos of friends, family members, pets, and even celebrities. In addition, non-personal imagery like logos and artwork can also be used.

Some photo pillow cases are able to have images transferred onto both sides of the case. This feature can be especially useful to those customers who want to use a photo theme during the creation of the photo pillow case. The increased space area allows for the inclusion of more photos, as well. In some instances, collages may be able to be designed and transferred onto the photo pillow case.

Many manufacturers of photo pillow cases recommend that photos be added to the pillow in a horizontal fashion. This positioning, however, is not usually required to successfully create a photo pillow case. The size and shape of the photo can be left up to the creator's preference.


Photo pillow cases are often made out of polyester. This allows for easier transfer and staying power of the images. Instances of peeling and cracking of photos on this fabric is reduced, and the material also has a reputation for keeping users of the pillow dry and warm.

While photo pillow cases are, by virtue of their name, characterized as having images on them, they are not limited to just showcasing photos. Anyone who buys a photo pillow case can also choose to have text accompany their chosen images. These can include inspirational messages, personal notes, or other blocks of text that are relevant to the photos or the future owner of the pillow. The inclusion of text can help commemorate an event or the gifting itself.

When caring for photo pillow case, consumers should treat the case as if it were a delicate garment. Choosing delicate and gentle settings on washing machines can prolong the life of the pillow case. Avoiding bleaching agents can also keep the pillow case's colors looking vibrant. In addition, letting the case air dry will help to prevent the heat from the dryer causing the photos to potentially peel off of the case over time.


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