What is a Petty Crime?

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A petty crime is a minor legal offense. In some instances, the term is used as an alternative phrase for misdemeanor, while in other cases, petty crimes are a separate category of offenses. In either instance, a petty crime can refer to both criminal offenses and civil infractions. Examples of offenses that may be petty crimes include public drunkenness, jaywalking, and pickpocketing.

Many legal systems only recognize two types of criminal offenses. These are major offenses, which may be referred to as felonies, and minor offenses, which may be referred to as misdemeanors. Sometimes the misdemeanors in such a legal system are referred to as petty crimes.

There are other legal systems, however, that recognize a third category of offenses, petty crimes. When this is the case, a petty crime is a category that is viewed as less severe than a misdemeanor. Petty crimes in this instance are not likely to become part of a person's criminal record.

A petty crime, under any circumstances, is generally tried in one of a legal system's lower courts. Some offenses may be accompanied by the mere issuance of a citation and may not require the accused person to appear in court. Instead, the individual may be able to simply pay a fine, which acts as an admission of guilt.


In most instances, legal representation is not required and it is not sought for charges pertaining to petty crimes. Whereas a person may have the right to an attorney for more serious crimes, he is not likely to have that right with regards to a petty crime. Those who are accused of a petty crime may not have the right to a jury either. Some jurisdictions do allow such cases to be heard by either a judge or a magistrate.

There are a number of punishments that may be issued upon conviction of a petty crime. These include fines, incarceration, or community service. Petty crimes are usually characterized by maximum punishments. This means that a judge generally cannot order fines that exceed certain amounts, and the length of time that a person may be incarcerated is often limited. In some instances, a court may even be restricted from ordering any incarceration for a petty offense.

People must be aware, however, that offenses that may be considered petty in one jurisdiction may be quite serious in another. Possession of marijuana and prostitution are two good examples of this. Even within a country, such as in the United States, the law can greatly vary on these matters between jurisdictions.


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Post 4

I got caught shop lifting at walmart, and the police officer said it was a petty crime, and that I will have a criminal record? Is that true? Do I have a criminal record now? If so, how and when can I get my criminal record removed?

Post 3

A recent book called Petty Crimes by Gary Soto

talks about a Mexican family in which one member has developed a petty crime habit and is coming home with expensive merchandise even though the family is struggling financially.

Post 2

Crimes like felony drunk driving, felony DWI, misdemeanor DUI, and felony DUI are serious offenses but some may classify them as petty crimes when compared to murder or armed robbery.

For me, I would classify any DUI or DWI as a serious offense because the person could have harmed another person or even killed them. Losing driving privileges is not enough of a punishment for these offenses.

Post 1

Petty crimes in general are criminal offenses that result in a fine or a misdemeanor charge. Crimes like failure to pay traffic tickets and minor shop lifting where the stolen item is less than $50 are considered petty crimes.

This list of petty crimes involve paying a fine and possible community service. Rarely does the defendant in these cases get sent to prison.

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