What is a Personal Trainer?

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A personal trainer is a person qualified to coach others in order to achieve a desired level of fitness. He or she does not just show people how to work the machines in a gym. He or she also has the skills and experience to help clients reach a fitness level that is appropriate for their body.

Whether you are going to a gym for the first time or as an experienced regular, there are many benefits to using a personal trainer. He or she should start by thoroughly examining your lifestyle. The trainer will want to know what sort of diet you have and how much regular exercise you take, as well as what level of fitness you hope to achieve.

With the answers to these questions, the personal trainer can work out a fitness program that is specific to you. He or she will be able to optimize workouts that cater specifically to your present level of fitness. By gradually increasing these workouts over time, you should see and feel the results throughout your body.

One of the biggest problems with fitness programs is willpower. The client may be enthusiastic in the first few weeks, but may later become bored with the program. A good personal trainer should be encouraging to the new client. He or she should point out the benefits to be gained in both fitness and self-confidence.

A trainer should also be able to supply a nutritional plan that is specific to the client. He or she will be able to give information on diets for either weight loss or gain. When the diet is tailored specifically to the client, the desired results will be seen more rapidly.

Another benefit to the personal trainer is that of safety. He or she will develop the safest fitness program for each client. All too often, people run to the gym and start exercising way beyond their capabilities. This will do nothing for their fitness level and can cause more harm than good. The trainer will be able to show the client how work out most effectively and how to minimize injury.

The personal trainer exists to help the client get the most from his or her body. A good trainer will be as pleased to see the results of his or her work as the client is. A good personal trainer can be considered a mentor in fitness, someone who will be there to help the client achieve the fitness goal that he or she desires. The relationship between client and trainer should also make the gym experience more rewarding, rather than something to be dreaded.

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Post 3

@Latte31 - Have you ever tried an online personal trainer? I didn’t even though that such a thing existed but it does.

It is great because the trainer shows you the exercises so that you can see the proper form. It is kind of like watching a DVD but instead there is interaction between you and the trainer. Maybe something like this would work for you.

Post 2

@Comfyshoes - I would love to take a personal trainer course just to train myself better not necessarily to train others. I am always looking for different workouts that will challenge my body and it seems to work for a while but then I hit another plateau.

I know I should find a personal trainer to see what type of exercise they would develop for me, but I just did not want to continue seeing a personal trainer. I like working out on my own. I don’t have any problems with motivation because I do my workouts first thing in the morning that way there are no excuses.

Post 1

I think that becoming a personal trainer is a rewarding career. Becoming a personal trainer does require receiving personal trainer certifications but I think that it is well worth it because you are helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle that also includes looking and feeling better.

Some people really make a transformation that is inspiring and personal trainers get to see these things happening all of the time. I know that a lot of personal trainers start off working in a gym and when they start to learn the business they strike out on their own.

Personal trainers have the flexibility to schedule their work before a client starts work or when a client gets off from work. They can even schedule lunchtime workouts. They earn a high hourly wage that allows them to have a lot of time off if they choose.

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