What Is a Personal Shopping Assistant?

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A personal shopping assistant is someone who is responsible for identifying a client’s needs and finding products that meet those requirements. There are two primary employment options for a personal shopping assistant: retail stores or services firm. When the personal shopper first became popular, it was a service available exclusively to the very rich. However, with the increased number of professional working woman, this industry has experienced significant growth.

A wide range of department stores and small boutiques now offer personal shopping assistant services to their clients. The client meets with the shopper to provide his or her requirements. Very popular around the holidays, the client can provide a list of people, their interests, and a budget. The shopper reviews the information and has a short interview with the client about possible gift ideas. The shopper is responsible for finding the appropriate gift, wrapping, and labeling. The cost of the service is typically included in the purchase price of the goods.

A personal shopping service firm is not tied to a specific store, but is able to procure items from a wide range of suppliers. This flexibility increases the scope of the services, but also requires the client to pay for the services directly. The fees charged are directly related to the scope of the project, number of items to be purchased, and the hours required.


There is no specific training program to become a personal shopper. However, many people who have received training as a fashion designer or buyer work in this role. When looking to select a personal shopping assistant, experience and an eye for visual arts is more important than formal training. References and recommendations is the most common way to find a personal shopper.

For many working women, a personal shopper can help them complete time-consuming activities, such as shopping for themselves or finding suitable gifts for business contacts. In addition, this service can provide an unbiased opinion on the best way to dress for a wide range of situations. Many people who are successful in business have little or no fashion sense. A professional shopper can create outfits that are flattering, practical, and suitable for a range of different situations.

When hiring a personal shopping assistant, meet with them to review pricing, services, and your requirements. Never provide your credit card to the personal assistant. Legitimate firms will offer several payment options, allowing you the final say on the goods selected. Most firms will issue an invoice for the cost of the goods and the service provided. When the bill is paid, the goods are delivered.


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Icecream17- You know sometimes these personal errand services require taking care of a dog or pet.

Sometimes it's just a simple job like that where you have to keep the pet company. I think the variety of requests makes this a really interesting line of work.

People usually are really appreciative because you took care of something that they were worried about and may not have enough time to take care of them.

Post 1

I think it would be so much fun to work in a personal concierge service.

Many of these people get to provide errand services by finding the best Broadway show tickets, to the nearest kosher deli.

The personal concierge service really has to exceed the customer’s expectation in order to receive repeat business. The world of luxury concierge services provides a challenging yet satisfying way to meet the customer’s needs.

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