What is a Personal Shopper?

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A personal shopper is someone who assists another with his or her shopping. He or she can be a freelancer who hires his skills out to a select group of people. People in this position can also work for large stores in specific departments. For some people, this may seem the ideal job, shopping and being paid for it, but there is a lot of work involved.

First, the freelance personal shopper has to create and maintain a client database. This usually comes about through word of mouth. A client may have used a personal stylist or shopper in a store and may decide to stay with her if she goes freelance. That client may have a large circle of friends, and word of mouth will bring a lot of business.

Personal shoppers must know the products they are dealing with in great detail. A client can end up spending thousands of dollars on one brand if the shopper has recommended it. If the product turns out not to be up to scratch, the shopper’s reputation may become damaged.

Many large fashion houses around the world hire personal shoppers. These shoppers become familiar faces to the frequent customer who may stay loyal to one fashion house. Thy will be familiar with the new season’s clothes and able to recommend new products that will suit the customer.


Personal shoppers must also be prepared to work with some demanding customers. Some expect the shopper to be at their beck and call twenty-four hours a day. In the end, they may not spend anything, but many customers retain personal stylists and shoppers as part of their monthly budget.

Customers use personal shoppers for a variety of reasons. They may lead very busy lives and find the shopper an ideal way of dispensing with the rigours of shopping. In large cities, professionals with large disposable incomes often employ the services of the personal shopper, perhaps because he or she is an expert in clothes and knows the latest fashions and brands.

If you are thinking about becoming a personal shopper, you should have your own area of expertise. It may be in fashion, or you may be an expert on some type of popular product. You may also be an expert on hard to find items that people collect, but do not have the time to find themselves.

The Internet is a good way to advertise yourself. If you already have a small number of people you shop for, set up your own website. You can use your clientele as references on your website. Also, a few advertisements in the right kind of magazines can boost business. Personal shopping can be great fun and is a fantastic social job if you have the knowledge and contacts to run a successful business.


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Post 3

Comfyshoes- I wanted to add that it's not only department store's that hire personal shoppers.

Publix supermarkets are introducing a new shopping program for its customers. It is going to be called curbside pick up.

With this format a dedicated shopper at the store puts together the customers list of items that's available for pickup.

This is really to help those that are in a hurry and don't have time to go inside and shop for groceries. It hasn't started yet but it will in the future.

Post 2

Cupcake15-I think that's a great idea. After a few years of working at a department store with a personal shopper job, then you can branch out on your own.

Personal shopper fees sometimes involve a percentage of the sale or flat rate for the service. It is best to do a competitive analysis to see what the other personal shoppers are charging in the area. In order to get more revenue itn is better to service more affluent areas.

Post 1

If someone is looking to become a professional personal shopper the best thing to do is to start out a high-end department store.

Many stores like Neiman Marcus and Saks offer personal shoppers to their clientele. The training and the experience received at these high-end stores can be a launching pad into a personal shopper business.

This personal shopper training that you receive in the stores is going to help you become a better personal shopper to your clients. The prestige of working at these department stores also adds to your credibility in your personal shopper career.

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