What is a Peopletician?

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A peopletician is a politician with a style which is aligned more with the interests of the people than with the interests of the government or with business. Because peopleticians are often perceived as fighters for the common man, they are commonly beloved by their constituents, who cite the peopletician's commitment to individuals and community values when explaining their decisions at the polling place.

In addition to being connected with his or her constituents, a peopletician also tends to be friendly, with excellent interpersonal skills and a great deal of charisma. Peopleticians also value time out among their constituents, taking the time to visit the areas they work for, visiting people and connecting with the populace. When a politician who isn't a true peopletician attempts to do the same, he or she may sometimes be criticized for trying too hard to get the “aw shucks” look.

It is common to find a peopletician at a more local level of government, allowing him or her to really focus on civic service without having to deal with greater political issues. Mayors, city council members, and supervisors are commonly peopleticians, who run for these positions because they want to attempt to make a difference in their communities, and because they are familiar with the populace. While a peopletician can work at a higher level of government, the more centralized government becomes, the harder it is for a peopletician to stay in touch with the constituency.


Often, a peopletician is bold and unafraid to stand up to the opposition when it comes to representing the populace. For example, a city council member who feels that a proposed development is not in the best interests of the city may fight the development, even if other city council members support it. Many peopleticians also support measures which are designed to improve their communities, such as the promotion of independent businesses and efforts to improve regional schools.

Because the peopletician is viewed as a sort of ideal politician by many voters, many politicians work very hard to look like peopleticians, especially during election season. It is common for politicians to try and visit local establishments and companies during their stump tours, and some may try to get invites to homes, parties, and other community events to create a strong connection with the voting community. Since voters often cite accessibility as a major factor when considering who to vote for, politicians like to take the time to make themselves appear as friendly and accessible as possible in the hopes of being perceived as peopleticians.


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