What is a Pedestal Table?

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A pedestal table is a table which is supported by a broad central column attached to a set of feet. The term is also sometimes used to refer to tall, narrow tables which resemble classical pedestals, whether or not they have a central column. Pedestal tables come in a range of shapes, sizes, and styles to coordinate with an assortment of room designs. Most furniture stores stock them, and it is also possible to special order a specific pedestal table, if desired; some people also enjoy making these tables themselves, as they can make good introductory woodworking projects.

One of the main advantages of a pedestal table is that it has a small footprint, thanks to the single column support and typically narrow footprint of the supporting feet. This can be extremely useful in some settings, and it makes cleaning around the table much easier, as cleaners do not need to navigate the legs of the table to get underneath it. The design is also usually relatively stable, with the supporting feet distributing the weight evenly to help keep the table from tipping.


Many people use pedestal tables as dining room tables. The central supporting pillar allows people to arrange chairs and dinner guests without needing to worry about conflicts with the table legs. Smaller pedestal tables can also make excellent occasional tables, providing a small space to place miscellaneous items or to display various artifacts and curious. The small footprint of the pedestal table design is useful in narrow hallways and cramped rooms, creating some breathing space by getting rid of space-consuming table legs.

When looking for a pedestal table to buy, inspect the assembly of the table closely, and make sure that it is stable on its feet. A three footed design is often most stable. If you can, put weight on the edge of the table to ensure that it is not pulled over, and check all of the joints in the construction to ensure that they are firmly sealed. If the table comes with leaves which allow it to expand, put the leaves in and check for stability again, as some designers do not compensate for the larger size of an expanded table with a broad base to distribute the weight.

You may also want to think about how the table fits in with your existing design scheme. Many pedestal tables come in several finishes, for example, so if you like the design of a table but not the color, you could ask about darker or lighter variations. You can also find pedestal tables which have been carved or painted with various ornamental designs, in addition to very minimalist designs which fit in better with a simple aesthetic.


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