What is a Pedestal Sink?

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A pedestal sink is one excellent way to provide more space in small bathrooms. Unlike most bathroom sinks, which are set into a vanity, the pedestal sink does not have a vanity. Instead it is partly supported by the wall onto which it is attached, and by a pedestal or small column that sits beneath the sink.

If you’re planning on replacing a vanity with a pedestal sink, you may want to contemplate how you will compensate for the loss of storage space. There are other ideas for maximizing storage options in a bathroom. For instance, using a shelf over the toilet takes up minimal space. The pedestal sink typically doesn’t have a lot of room on the sink to store things, though styles vary. You may be able to fit some soap and a toothbrush or two on the sink, depending on style.

It can take some extra work to install a pedestal sink, which may be sold in two parts, basin and pedestal. These sinks are usually sold with special connectors so that you can run hot and cold water into the sink from inside the pedestal. It can be tight work making all the plumbing parts fit within the pedestal, and even do it yourselfers may prefer to have these sinks professionally installed.


If you do decide to install one of these sinks on your own, there are some good guides online, and you should follow directions given with the sink you purchase. One thing of importance is making sure that the sink is adequately anchored to the wall on which it is being installed. There are several suggestions for how to be certain your sink will stay securely in place.

In addition to being a way to conserve bathroom space, a pedestal sink can make a lovely minimalist design statement in a bathroom. If you’re got ample storage space elsewhere, you may choose from the many styles of these sinks, simply because they’re attractive. They also can be less expensive than vanities and drop in sinks, which may be another pleasant element.

You can find many different styles of pedestal sink in hardware stores, bathroom fixture stores and in bathroom and kitchen design shops. Shopping around can help you find the perfect look, price and size for your needs. Installation may raise price, which is why many people turn to installing these on their own. Of course, home installation does not save money if it is done improperly.


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We need to raise a pedestal sink to a higher level. It will be placed on a ceramic tiled floor. I am thinking of building a "box" and put the the base of the pedestal on it. Any other thoughts on ways to elevate the entire pedestal sink to a higher height?

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