What is a Pedestal Bed?

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A pedestal bed is also sometimes called a platform bed and can be defined in several ways. Generally, the mattress rests on either a flat surface, or a slatted surface and does not require a box spring. In loose definition, the pedestal bed can be used with any type of mattress, including the foam or cotton filled mattresses used for futons.

Often a pedestal bed appears to float without support above a set of drawers. In fact many employ the pedestal bed so that they can provide extra storage under their beds via drawers. As well, technically a bunk bed could be considered a pedestal bed or a platform bed because the mattresses lay on slats instead of on a box spring or foundation mattress.

Certain types of mattresses lend themselves well to the pedestal bed style. For example, waterbeds are most often presented in a pedestal bed frame. As well, memory foam mattresses generally are set in pedestal bed presentations.

One type of pedestal bed that proves popular is the captain’s bed. This may be used in a child’s room and is great for storage. Underneath the mattress, and solid wood platform is a set of drawers, or one long drawer that can be used for plenty of storage. Occasionally, this type of pedestal bed will instead include a trundle bed underneath for use by sleepover guests.


People vary in their analysis of whether a platform or pedestal bed frame provides enough comfort. Instead of using the springy box spring, most pedestal beds are likely to be much firmer, because there is no spring beyond that given in the mattress. Thus one may not be able to achieve the soft feel accomplished when one uses a mattress and box spring.

However, those who enjoy sleeping on a firm mattress may really take to the pedestal bed. In fact some swear by the pedestal bed construction and find sleeping on this type of bed perfect. Trying out different mattresses and different bed frames can help one decide which bed seems the most comfortable.


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