What Is a Party Yacht?

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A party yacht is a vessel that can be rented for corporate and private events and celebrations, including weddings. Ranging in sizes suitable for 50 to 600 people, a party yacht can typically be rented for approximately $1,000 US Dollars (USD) per hour. The typical party yacht is equipped with a full kitchen, manned with entertainment staff and crew, and will cater to most palates and tastes with the proper prior notice. Often, a live band is available for dancing and casual moonlight cruising and romance. Packages often include day sails as well as extended cruises, and most providers also offer special needs cruises for handicapped patrons.

In order to enjoy some of the finer things in life without maintaining the vessel, crew or the ongoing payment, a party yacht can be reserved and rented to provide hours of enjoyment offshore. Large yachts capable of serving 600 people are commonly used by corporations and companies as well as very important people (VIPs) to celebrate new business ventures, successful mergers and acquisitions. Other activities often held aboard a party yacht are weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Occasionally, a corporate-owned yacht will be leased out to private parties in order to maximize the earning potential of the vessel.


Party planners can often double as cruise directors when planning an outing on a party yacht. Rental vehicles can commonly be arranged to cover any shore-side transportation needs while renting the party yacht. It is also common for a yacht to be rented on a one-way sailing trip to select vacation spots, then it is possible to rent the vessel to another party for the return voyage. When sailing international waters, any passport or visa issues are commonly the responsibility of the party-goers to arrange. Some seemingly discounted voyages will frequently require the renter to top-off all fuel tanks at the conclusion of the trip, which can often be more costly than other all-inclusive packages.

In order to ensure the best rates, it may be necessary to investigate several party yacht rental agents to compare and contrast package prices. Some of the yachts are large enough that two individual parties can be staged in different areas of the ship, thereby allowing two parties to co-rent the vessel and share in the fees. Offering a touch of the high-life on a rental basis, a party yacht can add a touch of elegance and luxury to an otherwise ordinary celebration.


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