What is a Party Ball&Reg;?

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A Party Ball® or beer ball is a spherical container that is used instead of a traditional beer keg. Introduced during the 1980s, it usually has a capacity of five gallons (about 19 liters), which is one third of the usual capacity for a keg. Designed to be a disposable device, the first Party Ball® types were equipped with a tap to allow easy distribution of the beer within the device. Although sometimes used generically to refer to any beer ball or similar container, Party Ball® is a registered trademark of the Coors Brewing Company.

Party Balls® are spherical beer containers that are smaller, lighter alternatives to traditional heavy, metal beer kegs.
Party Balls® are spherical beer containers that are smaller, lighter alternatives to traditional heavy, metal beer kegs.

Usually constructed of lightweight but durable plastic, the size of the device means the ball can normally be transported with greater ease than the standard keg. This makes it possible to load one into the back seat or trunk and transport the ball to beaches, campsites, or parties in private residences with relative ease. The Party Ball® is also made of disposable materials, so it can be placed into the trash once it is empty.

Beer kegs are used to store and dispense beer.
Beer kegs are used to store and dispense beer.

To cool the beer contained in a beer ball, some manufacturers include a specially designed box to hold the device. The interior of the box is lined with plastic, makes it possible to surround the ball with crushed ice. At the same time, the plastic prevents the box from weakening due to exposure to melted ice.

While the Party Ball® was initially meant to be a disposable container for beer, it was not long until several manufacturers began to offer refillable containers. While the simple spherical design with the addition of a tap is still the norm, some manufactures today include an electrical base that allows the liquid within the bowl to be cooled without the need for ice.

Collecting beer ball designs from years past has become a popular craze. Various online auctions feature bids on designs issued by one beer company or another over the years. In addition, some online retailers also offer older beer balls, less the beer, for sale. While the Party Ball® was once considered ideal for use by college students, many adults today choose to use one for get-togethers in the home.

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Do they still sell party balls because I'm having a Halloween party and would love to buy a few party balls instead of a keg. Can you still buy them?


Just FYI, a full party ball holds about 55 12 ounce beers, i.e., about two cases of 12 ounce beer.

This is assuming that it is a full, five gallon ball.


@Streamfinder -- That's pretty rare, because most of them do come with the tap.

You're sure it's not broken?

I know some places rent party ball taps, but I don't know if it is a one size fits all deal, or if you have to get one to match your party ball.

I'd say take it to a party store, one that rents keg taps, and they might be able to help you out.


If you get a party ball without a tap, what can you do?

My cousin recently got one second-hand and we'd love to use it, but it didn't come with a tap.

Advice, anyone?

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